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Cleric To Tinubu: Don’t Allow People Outside Govt To Hijack Your Administration



President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been admonished not to allow the Cabal and people who have always been operating outside the government to misguide and derail his administration from achieving its goal of returning the country to prosperity.

The Director of Mission of Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church Worldwide, Pastor Moses Ademola Popoola, gave the advice while speaking on Sunday at the District Headquarter of the Church in Ilorin, the Kwara state capital.

Popoola, who noted that the Tinubu administration has started on a good note by taking the right steps on some monumental national issues, cautioned him to beware of people outside the government, especially sycophants, who would be misguiding him by offering advise that would not move the country forward.

The Cleric said: “The President, Asiwaju Tinubu has started his administration well, he has taken some steps which will make the country to come out of the woods. I want to advise him to be courageous enough to take more bold steps, he should be courageous enough to arrest corrupt government officials who are fond of misbehaving. Also, Mr. President should maintain his integrity.

“He should not allow people to misguide him and derail his administration, he should run away from rushing to arrest people without thorough investigations and he should not embark on personal vendetta or witch hunting.

“He should find ways to solve the problems created by the removal of fuel subsidy by allowing the Palliatives to go round the people and not the public Servants alone and he should not shy away from seeking help from those countries he feels can help Nigeria in the area of security and revamping the economy so that Nigeria can return to prosperity and where it belongs.”

The cleric also implored the three tiers of government to take the issue of job creation seriously, adding that “if you want to reduce crime including armed robbery, banditry, thuggery, kidnapping, among others, especially among the youths, government must provide employment for them because an idle hand is the devil’s workshop.”

Popoola, while speaking on the Father’s Day celebration, advised parents to inculcate good virtues and values into their children, adding that: “Family should go back to the value system, father should teach their children to go away from crime, they should be good fathers to their children, they should be friends and encouragers to their children by teaching them the way of the Lord.”

Speaking on the N25m empowerment given to 82 people in the Church by the Oluwole Foundation, the cleric charged the beneficiaries to make use of the materials to lift themselves out of poverty.

Popoola, who is the Executive Secretary of the foundation, observed that many people are poor because they are lazy and refuse to make use of the resources which God had endowed them, adding that God wants everyone to be fruitful and productive.

Some of the items given to the people as empowerment includ Welding machines, Deep Freezers, Sewing machines, Hair dresser equipment, grinding machines, generators and cash to be invested in transport business.