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Govt Has Made Nigerians Orphans – Adebayo



The Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the last general election, Prince Adewole Adebayo has described Nigerian citizens as orphans who have been abandoned by governments who are supposed to be the parents.

Adebayo said the three tiers of government in the country should put a policy in place that would take care of the citizens, especially the homeless people from the streets.

Speaking at the second anniversary of Dorian Home in Akure, the Ondo State capital, Adebayo said federal, state, and local governments must build motherless homes to cater to the needy in the society.

According to him, the government should not pretend about insufficient funds to take care of the welfare of its citizens if individuals like Dr. Tolulola Bayode, the Founder of Dorian Home could create an environment that would enable children that were abandoned or give birth to by indigents parents to live a comfortable lives.

His words “Every human being can create something like this, what Dorian Home is doing is to recreate the society. Everybody has to contribute its quarter to move the country forward.”

“Nigeria is supposed to be safe, nice, beautiful, and conducive for all citizens of this country. And you don’t have to be in the highest position before you can give back to society. I have sought the mandate of the Nigerian to go to the highest office in this country, but they didn’t give me the opportunity.

“I think more people should be doing this kind of humanitarian gesture, not only individuals but 774 local government areas that we have and the 36 states of the Federation. To me, if we have 10,000 of this, there would be no child poverty in this country and I think it is doable and I will encourage everyone to key into this gesture.

“What Tolulola Bayode, the founder of the Dorian Home is doing, is telling us that there is no government in Nigeria, we are all orphans, abandoned on the streets. If it is possible for an individual who doesn’t control one local government can do this and complete it within a term of government, I think it is possible for all to do.

“So, those in the position of leadership in this country should stop telling us that it is difficult to rescue the poor and complete any projects. All I can tell Nigerians is that we should try for the first time to form a government. Not all these bad things we carry around.

“So, poverty in Nigeria is a government project, I can tell you that these orphans were not created to be orphans, but it was Nigeria that orphaned them.
Dorian Home is clearing the mess that our political leadership has created. What I am saying is that it is not good for the government to be sending more orphans to society by stealing our money, mismanagement of our economy, and creating kiosks all over the place.

“Government have to work towards these orphans and underprivileged so that we can see that it is a service to humanity. I encourage everybody to come in and let us give support to this kind of humanitarian gesture. Imagine if every local government had one, I know that Nigeria will change for the better.

“What she is doing here, is what millions of people could have done. She loves humanity and she is doing the work of God.”

The founder of the Dorian Home, Dr Tolulola Bayode said she built the 750-capacity building to care for children who are in need in the society. She said she hopes to build
children that would lead the country in the future in this country.

Her words “I built this place without any pains and I depend on God only for the continuation of this project to the greater heights.”

The Senator, representing Ondo South, Jimoh Ibrahim who chaired the occasion encouraged the founder to continue to be of help to the needy in the society.

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