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July 16th : Gov Adeleke In Reminiscence Over 2022 Victory, Praises God, Osun People



Osun State Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke has recalled with nostalgia and deep praises to God and people the July 16th, 2022 Governorship election during which he defeated former Governor Adegboyega Oyetola.

In a message to mark the landmark victory , Governor Adeleke saluted the steadfastness of Osun voters who defied all pressure to reject the then incumbent Governor and endorse his candidature, declaring his ever thankful spirit to God and humanity as well as his undiluted resolve to serve nothing but the best interest of the citizenry.

Recalling the travails he and his family passed through from 2017 to July 16th 2022, the Governor lamented the dehumanizing treatment meted unto him during the 2018 gubernatorial struggles, his self imposed exile to conclude his education and his triumphant return to the country before the 2022 elections, tagging his experience as “divinely driven but humanly testing and tasking.

“Today 12 months ago, you voted massively for me to become your Governor. Your votes a year ago reclaimed the stolen mandate of 2018. My dear people of Osun State, I am eternally grateful.

“You rallied round me as the light (Imole) of liberation. When the going was tough, the people of Osun were there for me. Together, we salvaged our state. My people, I will never forget your strong backing which gave us a resounding victory in 2022, a year ago today.

“I want to report back that in the last one year, I have kept faith with my covenant with Osun people. I have pursued no private agenda except of public interest. I have devoted myself to only that which satisfies the aspirations and wishes of the people. In those intervening days, my preoccupation is peoples’ welfare and security.

“I was able to deliver on several fronts, from infrastructure to digital economy. We succeeded in raising the bar in the delivery of good governance. Delivery of dividends of democracy is on a sustainable basis.

“My good people of Osun state, despite the tight fiscal situation, I have achieved much with less resources. We have been very prudent and transparent. We block revenue leakages and we stop wasteful expenditure. Pro-people projects and programmes were our key priorities.

As we mark this one year of that landmark election, your government and Governor remain focused on the implementation of the five point agenda. We pledge to remain pro-masses and pro-people, fulfilling your needs shall remain our principal goal.

We shall not waver in the delivery of quality services to women and youth, young and old, the poor and the rich. We shall remain a government of the people, by the people and for the people “, the Governor in the commemoration message concluded.

Mallam Olawale Rasheed,
Spokesperson to the Executive Governor