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Ijesa Youth Forum Lauds Irekandu Over Empowerment Of Osun 21-year-old Deaf, Dumb Lady Hairdresser



Following the viral report of the empowerment of a 21-year-old deaf, dumb lady, Aina Sunday Emitomo as a professional hairdresser by Adewumi Adeyemi Foundation (AAF), Ijesa Youth Forum has lauded the action and described it as an “inspiring example”.

On Thursday, Adewumi Adeyemi Foundation set up the 21-year-old hearing and speech impairment lady with professional hairdressing equipment.

The founder of the Non-Governmental Organisation, Adewumi Adeyemi IREKANDU while narrating her encounter with the young lady said he met with Ms Emitomo who had learned hairdressing during a political campaign in 2023.

Irekandu who is an honourable member of Osun State House of Assembly representing Obokun State Constituency empowered the lady who is from Boripe/Boripe State constituency because of her “inspired” move.

Ms Emitomo and her parents are residents of Obokun State Constituency.

Meanwhile, the National Vice President of Ijesa Youth Forum, Idowu Ogungbemi lauded Irekandu for his “remarkable and benevolent gesture towards the youth of Ijesaland, specifically, your extraordinary support for Miss Aina Emitomo aspiring to achieve her dreams”.

“Your actions, dear honourable, have not only demonstrated your unwavering commitment to uplifting the life of Miss Aina Emitomo but have also set an inspiring example of how true leadership is meant to make a positive impact. Your decision to help establish a hairdressing shop for Miss Aina Emitomo and cover her freedom fee is a testament to your genuine concern for their wellbeing and prosperity.

“Your support has not only enabled her to become independent but also given her the opportunity to take charge of her own future as a boss in her own right. Your actions will undoubtedly inspire countless others to strive for their dreams with renewed determination and hope.

“We, the Ijesa Youth Forum, are deeply grateful for your dedication to our community and our youth. Your generosity has sown the seeds of empowerment and progress, and we are committed to nurturing them to fruition.

“Once again, thank you for your unwavering support, your outstanding leadership, and your genuine concern for the betterment of our community. May your example continue to inspire us all,” Ogungbemi said.

Irekandu had while narrating his encounter with the lady said, “Emitomo got me inspired, as a deaf and dumb young lady who didn’t see begging or any other inhuman activity as an option but wanted to be seen as a woman who doesn’t want to be living at the mercy of people but fending for herself.

“Moved by her situation, I met with Emitomo’s boss (her trainer) and her parents to consider if she would want to go back to school on a scholarship, but her decision was to get established in her trade.

“I decided through the Adewumi Adeyemi Foundation (AAF) to give her beyond her request to establish her fully in her passionate and chosen job. Further to this, we got the list of all she needed as given to me by her trainer.

“Yesterday, August 11th, 2023, I was in the meeting of the Hairdressers Association, where I presented the items requested for her establishment- a Dryer, Tonging machine, Washing base, Rollers, Hand Dryer, Straightener, etc. I sought the association’s permission to allow her to have her “freedom” immediately and the requested fee for her freedom was paid by the AAF.Ijesa Youth Forum Lauds Irekandu Over Empowerment Of Osun 21-year-old Deaf, Dumb Lady Hairdresser