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Don’t Drag Oluwo Into Your Land Grabbing Predicament, Iwo Princes Caution Olu Of Ileogbo



Princes under the aegis of Forum of Iwo Princes have cautioned the Olu of Ileogbo, HRM Oba Abeeb Adetoyese Agbaje, to stop attaching the revered stool of the Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, HIM Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi, to his land grabbing predicament.

They said the palace of the Olu Ileogbo has been engulfed with criticism and petitions of illegal grabbing of land of innocent subjects for many years, noting the recent revolt by the affected subjects and report of same to the government has unsettled the palace of Olu Ileogbo, saying he should stop running away from his shadow.

The forum warns the monarch to desist from maligning the respected palace of Oluwo with land related crisis, saying there was never a time in history that Iwo had a land dispute with any community under it. They asked the government to checkmate the acclaimed influence of Olu of Ileogbo on some police to perpetrate atrocities as he has boastfully said it on radio that he sends people to prison at will.

They revealed that Oba Abeeb has caused more havoc to his subjects and his stool in his quest to illicitly grab and unjustly sell his subjects’ land.

A statement released to journalists and signed by its Chairman and Secretary, High Prince Lateef Abimbola (Moderin of Iwoland ) and High Prince Lekan Lamuye, respectively, reads “We, the Forum of Iwo Princes, want to state it unequivocally that there was never a time in history that Oluwo had a land dispute with any of the communities under him. Oluwo has been a peace loving father protecting and preserving his land for future gains. Since the enthronement, Oluwo has not sold even half a plot of land. He frequently advises other kings to prepare a productive future for their subjects”

“Oluwo has never engaged in a land dispute with any community under him as erroneously claimed on the media by the Olu of Ileogbo. Olu of Ileogbo has in recent time been deliberately trying to drag Oluwo into his land grabbing problems aiming at maligning Oluwo because he, (Oluwo) advised him and other kings in Iwo District to avoid incessant land sales. He rather encourages anyone who cannot do without dealing with land to embark on lease so as to preserve the same for unborn generations”

“We were surprised to read in the media a few days ago from Olu of Ileogbo accusing the palace of Oluwo of land dispute with Ileogbo. The referenced imbroglio is among the trio of Oke Isaji, Asalu and Ileogbo communities of Iwoland. When the matter was fresh, they brought it to the notice of Oluwo as the Paramount Ruler of Iwoland who knows where each of the parties has its boundary, being the overlord, consequent upon which parties involved were called for settlement”. As a Royal Father,Instead of proffering solutions to prevent breakdown of law and order by attending to the settlement move, Olu of Ileogbo mobilized thugs and started sending people of Asalu and Oke Isaji away from their homes. Most times, he goes to sites himself with the crown to disrupt the peace therein and collect money”

“The matter later aggravated when innocent people were being waylaid and beaten at night in their homes which led to a serious crisis. The tension was doused with the intervention of the Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, who went to appeal to the angry mob in the said communities. That is the role of a father”

“We call on the government to properly investigate the monarch. Olu of Ileogbo should stop attaching Oluwo with his land grabbing predicament. His past is hunting him. No one is smart enough to run away from his or her shadow. There was a video of him during the last Ileogbo day where he tyranneously said no one could stop him from land grabbing ”

“Equally, we are aware that Oba Abeeb is flaunting a court judgement. The Supreme Court judgement being flaunted by the Olu of Ileogbo was a litigation between a family of Oke Isaji and Aderibigbe Royal family of Ileogbo. The case was instituted by Ali Aderibigbe against Salimonu Amao and 7 others. Many Baales and two kings have ruled without claiming authority to the judgment belonging to a family to instigate communal tussle”

“Not being a member of Aderibigbe Family, the monarch is not only impersonating by claiming ownership of the judgement but also extending the coverage of the court’s pronouncement which was only applicable to a certain number of hectares as against hundreds of hectares covering different communities where he grabs land. Is a judgement elastic?

“We, the noble Princes of Iwo under the aegis of Forum of Iwo Princes are calling on the Osun State Government to investigate Olu of Ileogbo’s claim of influence on some police officers. He has boastfully claimed on a radio program that he has control to incarcerate at will. He claimed responsibilities on a radio program for the imprisonment of Late Alhaji Semiu Fanta and Taju Alabi of Oke Isaji. His conduct most especially on land grabbing is tantamount to instigating communal crisis between and amongst peaceful communities in Iwoland. The forum humbly suggests that the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs of the state should establish a special unit to instill pure monarchical conducts of kings to present themselves as servants of their subjects ”

“The unit should further conduct in-depth investigation on the personality, source of income and means of livelihood of anyone to be made a king, henceforth”

While appreciating the timely intervention of the Governor of Osun State on developmental issues, Iwo Princes are pledging full support to the peaceful reign of His Excellency, Governor Ademola Adeleke.