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Soyinka’s Media Outburst: Group Calls For Boycott Of His Books



A civil Society Organizations, Free Nigeria Movement on Monday descended heavily on the Nobel Laureate and playwright, Prof. Wole Soyinka, over his recent media Outburst on the 2023 General election and other issues relating to it.

The group while alleging that the Nobel Laureate has displayed insensitivity to the mood of the nation and betrayed the trust of Nigerians, also called for a total boycott of all his books.

The group led by its Convener, Dr. Moses Paul, said that while Nigerians, and especially the youths were on the streets demanding for justice over the outcome of 2023 elections, Soyinka who has at various times championed for a better society, quickly changed camp, to side oppressors of the masses and justice.

He stated that Soyinka’s media misadventures are not been condemned by the group, based on any political leaning, but because he has failed to stand for the masses, especially now that all men of conscience were needed to free Nigeria from its unrelenting oppressors.

Moses noted that the Nobel Laureate didn’t consider the fact that the youths who had always looked up unto him as a role model, were the most abused demography during the elections.

He said, ” the Nigerian youth represents the most abused demography in the unlawful conduct of Prof. Mahmoud Yakubu. He toiled with your trust, faith and reliance on the credibility of the electoral process. He made you see a ray of hope at the end of a dark tunnel though he knew he was going to plug it as soon as elections were over.

” The recent comments by Prof. Wole Soyinka is most unfortunate and regrettable. While we do not frown at his remarks because of any politicians, political parties or movements referenced, we do so because of his emotionless detour from the real issues of the election to pursue what appears as selective witch-hunt.

” It is on record that Prof. Wole Soyinka never condemned the shameless episode of ethnic profiling, instigation and hate speech by elements such as Musiliu Akinsanya (a.k.a MC Oluomo), Bayo Ononuga, Femi Fani – Kayode, and a host of other atrocious persons. Or are their actions not fascist?”.