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Obidients Are Mentally Weak – Keyamo



Festus Keyamo, a spokesman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign, has described supporters of Peter Obi, Presidential Candidate of Labour Party, as “mentally weak”.

Referred to as Obidients, Obi’s supporters have been trending for controversial reasons in the last one week.

A few days ago, they took on Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, who tackled them in a television interview.

The exchange between the literary icon and Obidients lasted a while.

Commenting on this in a Twitter post, Keyamo, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), said, “It is evident that the so-called Obidients are MENTALLY WEAK. They threw all sorts of trash at other candidates, including ours, during the campaigns and we took it with equanimity and responded to all such jabs.

“They made memes, skits and caricatured the images of opponents and had fun until the reality check of Feb. 25th. But now that the heat has turned on them and their ‘hero’ in the last few days or weeks, they have obviously cracked with many loosing their heads. Just one audio sent them into a pitiful tailspin with close aides confirming and denying the audio all at the same time like a ragtag army.

“And with the avalanche of criticisms from unlikely quarters in the last few days, they have completely lost it. They are cursing and swearing at every perceived enemy and are beginning to sound forlorn. It is evidence of a weak mentality. But I have good news for them: it is time for the reasonable ones who are patriots amongst them to quickly exit that ignoble bubble and join hands with the in-coming administration to move this country forward. Anything short of that would be tantamount to continuously ‘living in bondage!’ 😁”

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