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Kiriji Heritage Defenders Rescue Remaining Kidnapped Wife Of Oba Ogboni Agbaye




Kiriji Heritage Defenders, a traditional security group, have rescued the remaining kidnapped wife of Oba Ogboni Agbaye,Olori Rashidat Olatipe in Aba Paanu, IKoro-Ekiti area of Ekiti State.

Recall Kidnappers had last week Sunday invaded the Imesi-Ile resident of Oba Ogboni Agbaye, Abdulah Olakisan, while he was away in Osogbo and abducted his two wives.

Olakisan while returning from a search mission for his wives along with a policeman and his daughter in-law involved in an accident and three of them died.

According to the Convener of Kiriji Heritage Defenders who spoke with CityMirrorNews on Sunday, Dr Ademola Ekundayo said the remaining wife of the late Oba Ogboni Agbaye has gained her freedom from the den of the kidnappers through the efforts of his group.

Meanwhile,a relative of the deceased who spoke in camera with our correspondent narrated how the first wife escaped from the kidnappers’ den early hours on Tuesday.

He said the woman was found along Ikoro-Ekiti in Ekiti state after wandering in the forest through the night.

He added that the victim told him, that her late husband, whom she was not aware of his demise, came to her in the forest and helped her escape.

His words; “Her husband, according to her narration, appeared in the forest and instructed her to stand up and directed her path through the forest until she came to an express road.

However, the kidnappers had demanded N2 million ransom before the second woman in their captivity would be released.

Ekundayo further explained that Olori Rashidat Olatipe was rescued in their base around IKoro-Ekiti located along IKoro road, near Osun Bridge , Aba Panu.

He said: “We have secure the release of Olori Rashidat Olatipe, we used money as a bait but we could not arrest them.

“Their base around Ikoro-Ekiti, the place is after Oke-Imesi along Ikoro road very close to Osun bridge, the place is close to Aba Paanu. We invaded the forest where they are, we were able to rescue her without paying them a dime. We just got home this morning, we have taken her to hospital because she is severely injured.

“They ask us to buy 5 carton of fearless drink, one roll of cigarettes, one carton of milk, recharge cards, malt among others.

“We carried the ransom that we used as bait to them but when they sighted us, they suspected that our mission, that was how they started to shooting at us.

“We overpowered them when we shoot at them.

“Government must engage local security who are familiar with our terrain because kidnappers are scattered in our bushes. There are several kidnapping cases just that ours is most prominent.”

Corroborating him, Ajayi Adebayo said: “We saw numerous gunmen during the operation, they are Fulani men. I went into the forest with my team because I am the coordinator of Kiriji Heritage Defendant for Otan-Ile.

“We have been there since three day ago but we had a breakthrough yesterday night. We were shot at repeatedly.

“The Aba Paanu is on Ekiti state soil but is very close to Osun state. “

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