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Ganduje Replies Kwankwaso, Says I’ve Never Been Your Political Son



Former Governor Umar Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State and who is the new National Chairman of the Ruling APC, has taken his Political Rival Kwankwaso to the drycleaners, saying, “Kwankwaso Tenure as Minister of Defense was nothing but a failure”.

Ganduje said in a circulated Clip that, Kwankwaso Tenure as Governor was merely done on parts, because he was chased away he managed to stage a come back, while his Tenure as Senator was nothing but a total waste and served as Minister of Defense but without the actual knowledge of what Defense is all about.

The APC National Chairman, notes, “yes I agreed that Kwankwaso was my Political partner but I had never been his Political godSon what’s happened was that we Contested same Gubernatorial seat back in 1999 I was appeased to go for Deputy Governor but not as his Boy”.

The Former Governor, hints that his experience as a sound Politician is never contestable, that is why he sees himself and his Family as Elephants, who always showcase literally meaning of life, full of knowledge and understanding of livelihood not like Kwankwaso and his Family.

However, Ganduje said that as National Chairman of APC the door is wide open for Kwankwaso to defect back to the Party if so wishes and he (Ganduje) would simplify means for Kwankwaso to always easily access President Bola Tinubu anytime he so wishes.

Similarly, Ganduje condemned the Kano Government of NNPP for demolishing buildings including that of Eid Ground, insisting that what they do in the names of religion is so ignorance of the very religion they are talking about.

But in a few seconds Clip, Kwankwaso was overheard saying that President Tinubu had made the mistakes of his life for given Ganduje National Chairman of APC, noting that the action has forced him out of the earlier Unity Government the President planned.

Kano was a wash with comments on the the new imbroglio between Ganduje and Kwankwaso with supporters attacking each other in defences of their Political godfathers positions

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