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16 Days Activism: Stigmatising Women and Girls Menstruating Is Violence – Dataphyte



Women and Girls have been advised to maintain good hygiene during menstruation to prevent them from having infections.

A Fellow of Dataphyte Mainstreaming Cohort 2, Mrs. Funmi Adekoya-Ojo gave the advice during a lecture on “Menstrual Hygiene” and distribution of sanitary pads to female students of Ifelodun Community Grammar School, Idominasi Ijesa.

Mrs. Adekoya who also spoke against stigmatisation of Women and Girls during menstruation said it is violence against women and girls right to menstruate, “It is violence to stigmatized or ostracized women and girls when they menstruate as it is done by some culture and religion”.

She noted that, it is part of God creation for women and girls to menstruate for some days every month and so they should not be treated with hatred but should be shown love and care especially for those who have cramps or pains during menstruation.

Adekoya-Ojo said, “It is the 16 Days Activism Against Gender Based Violence, so any act that ridicule women and girls during menstruation is violence, and should be stopped”.

She emphasised the need for the girls to use clean sanitary pads, change the sanitary between 4 to 7 times, wear light clothes as well as bath often during menstruation to prevent them from any infections that can affect their reproductive organs.

Adekoya-Ojo also advised the school authorities to provide clean toilets and water for the use of the female students, where they can change their sanitary pads, during menstruation.

In her remark, the Principal of Ifelodun Community Grammar School Idominasi, Mr. Olufunmilayo Ayeni appreciated the Dataphyte Foundation for the gesture, saying it means a lot to the students.

Mrs. Ayeni explained that many of the female students are living with their grandparents and guardians who may not understand anything about menstrual hygiene or giving the girls money to buy sanitary pads during menstruation.