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Osun 2022: Islamic Organization, TMC Charges Voters To Vote For Experienced Candidate



Ahead Osun state gubernatorial election, The Muslim Congress (TMC) Osun State chapter has called on the people of the state to exercise their civic duty tomorrow urging them to elect experienced candidate to uplift infrastructural development in the state

The Islamic group enjoined all registered voters in the state to be ready to vote for a candidate with the requisite experience, knowledge and track record.

This call was made in a statement singed by Iyiola Mikail Oyedeji, (FCA)
Waali, TMC, Osun State, made available to journalists on Friday.

The statement read in part “Owing to the charged political atmosphere that is laced with vested interest, very pecuniary rather than altruistic in nature, The Muslim Congress (TMC) of Osun State is compelled to call attention of Osun people, most especially those that have registered and obtained their Permanent Voter’s Cards (PVC), to lawfully exercise their civic duty and never allow intimidations from anyone in the State prevent them from coming out en masse to exercise their franchise during the coming Gubernatorial election this Saturday.

“The July 16th election is a call to duty. It is a task every member must consider dear and failing which, we may subject our lives and that of unborn generations of Osun people to a waste in the hand of another “Zelensky” and “Ajeku Iya.”

“We enjoin all voters in the state to be ready to vote for a candidate with the requisite experience, knowledge and track record. Sustaining and building on the gains and development strides of the past years require informed voting that elects an experienced and skillful manager of human and material resources and somebody that is given to serious thinking.

“It is indeed imperative at this point of our national democratic experience whether at local or state or federal level that all hands must be on deck to elect and form people centered government that will ameliorate and if possible, eradicate crimes such as corruption, juvenile delinquencies, killing of fellow human beings among others. One of the best ways we can achieve this is by participating in the governance and electing selfless, competent, trustworthy and serious minded individuals to various positions of authority.

“As Muslims and enlightened citizens of this great nation and the state, we must be fully involved in the electioneering process and also make sure that our votes, indeed, count. We must as well pray and offer good counsels to those elected as our leaders.

“We note with deep sadness that an ominous clime has descended on our nation as many people often dismiss this periodic civic responsibility, saying they care less about those who rule us. Some even ignorantly sell their votes for peanut as it is currently happening. And another group has also declared democracy as unislamic and thereby keep aloof. All these sets of people naively allow charlatans to occupy seats of power and decide our collective fate. Such elected charlatans have become a serious burden and liability to the nation, turning public office to a theatre of entertainment. This is rather pathetic.

“Allah mentions in Quran 13 verse 11; “Verily, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in their heart”.

“We should know that the office of the Governor of a state (especially that of Osun in this instance, being one of the youngest states in the country) is not something to toy or gamble with. Therefore no less than a serious, well educated and experienced candidate who would be able to convey to the grassroots his plans and projections on Agriculture, Health, Education, Economy and Infrastructural Development of the State deserve our votes now. The office is not a theatre of drama or concert. It is a trust and an office of serious thinking and work. It is the heartbeat of the state. When it is sick or given to drama and concert, the entire state is doomed.

“We appeal to our members to be up and doing in their involvement by canvassing the support of the electorates across the 30 Local Governments and Area Offices and Local Council Development Areas in the state for this important task of safeguarding good governance which would guarantee peaceful coexistence, security, development and unhindered rights of individuals to practise his or her religion without molestation from overzealous fellow citizens and government officials.

“We also urge politicians to eschew all forms of electoral malpractices before, during and after the election. Such practices as vote buying and selling, snatching of ballot boxes, vandalizing of INEC property and the likes should be eschewed as ultimately only God confers power on whom He will.

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