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Gov Adeleke Moves To Block Revenue Leakages In Solid Minerals Sector, Inaugurates Committees



Osun State Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke on Monday inaugurated revenue committee, to be headed by Sola Adewumi.

Governor Adeleke promised to block all leakages in the revenue administration process, as he assured that the committee will bring sanity into the revenue generating sector in the State.

He said, “At a time of mounting cost of governance and high debt profile, the State cannot allow further loss of revenue to various economic parasites. I am, therefore, opening up on the following realities to the good people of Osun state:

“My administration will not condone a situation whereby revenue agents are earning more than the state. All revenue inflow must go to the Coffers of the state. We must then decide what will be the collection fees to be paid the revenue agents. Consequently, all revenue agents operating on behalf of the state must report to the committee immediately for new terms of engagement.

“I have reports of extensive illegal logging of precious woods without permit from the state government. Consequently, all logging permits such as hammer and concession permits are hereby suspended pending review by the committee.

He said his administration is in possession of report detailing low revenue returns and corrupt practices across the Control posts. “Consequently, all consultants manning the control posts and collecting haulage revenue are hereby suspended pending review by the revenue committee.”

“Furthermore, I direct this committee to review the following category of permits payments namely Control post/border checkpoints haulage; plantation or forest reserve concession allocation permit; sawmill permit and renewal; flinch sawn evacuation permit; timber and logs permit; hammering permit or release permit; motor-saw permit; forest reserve access permit and Tungya farming system allocation permit.

“My administration is directing a review of the Osun State Internal Revenue Service. The committee is therefore expected to review the operations of the agency and submit appropriate recommendations to increase internally generated revenue by substantial percentage.

He, however, charged the committee to look into all the above highlighted areas as a matter of urgency. He stated that “The IGR must improve. All revenue leakages must be blocked and new ideas must be introduced to achieve this agenda.”

“My government has come to serve the people and We must serve with Honesty & Dedication. My resolve is accountability and transparency in the management of state affairs. I task all committee members to uphold this mantra.”