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2023: NNPP Publicity Engine Room, Rev Emmanuel Olorunmagba Resigns



By Our Reporter

The New Nigeria People’s Party, NNPP, Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Rev Emmanuel Olorunmagba has resigned from the party.

The NNPP ‘publicity engine room’ disclosed this in a resignation letter addressed to the National Executive Committee, NEC, of the party citing hijacking of the party structure by the Kwakwansiya Movement and her sister group, The National Movement, TNM,as reasons for his resignation.

Olorunmagba said that the current leadership of the party consists of over ninety percent of the new entrants into the party which led to disposessing of over ninety percent of the former leaders.

He added that almost all the structures he brought to NNPP, especially those he mobilised to continue to be committed sacrificially by working together in the building of the party using their resources in addition to their time and energy investment have been dismantled.

“I am not also left out of the dispossession, as I have also been stripped of the position I was functioning as the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the party, through which I have not only re-strategized the publicity arm of the party, but has also introduced trailblazing innovations to the party like new members’ e-registration portal, aspirants’ e-registration portal, NNPP TV, provision for interactivity with the masses through the party website and social media visitors and other other innovations.” He said.

The letter reads in part:

“I hereby officially resign as a member of New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP).

“This becomes necessary as it is obvious beyond any shadow of doubt that my services are no longer needed in the New Nigeria People’s Party, NNPP, as a result of the coming of the Kwakwansiya Movement and her sister organization, The National Movement, TNM, into NNPP.”

“It is worthy of note that there would not have been the kind of complaint witnessed, if the sudden change of leadership had been through democratic system as it supposed to have been, rather than the forceful imposition that was adopted to the amazement of the then existing leaders and members of NNPP.

On his efforts to remain in the party despite the challenges, Olorunmagba said “It would be recalled that when the issues started, I constructively made a complaint. Rather than doing something about it, my leader that I also complained to responded negatively which further aggravated the pain and made me to keep quiet and continue to observe to avoid another of such reaction from my leader that I so much hold in high esteem.

“The only positive response I got as a result of my initial complaint was a promise from another leader who was one of the only three leaders retained in the 39-man National Working Committee of the new NNPP that the Kwakwansiya through TNM captured 36 positions. The said leader’s promise is now obvious cannot be fulfilled. Yet, I still made further verbal complaints, but the situation is still the same.”

The former NNPP Publicity Secretary said that he had tried as much as he could to just drag on in NNPP, provided that the people that look unto him were carried along and there would be little opportunity for him to still contribute his quota through the party in rescuing our beloved nation, but from time to time, he kept experiencing disturbing circumstances that affected his mind and wearied him, suggestive of someone that is just being merely tolerated in an organization. And that the thought of those he brought into the party now in disarray has become a heavy burden to him.

“We keep witnessing continuous invasion, targeting total highjack. Thus, rendering the initial leaders redundant and so useless in the party. It is of note that the most unbearable is watching those who look up to me completely alienated in a party they have laboured in with the hope of better future and I have determined not to be an onlooker in the move to rescue Nigeria this 2023 as I have always given my best for my dear country. In fact, since I joined politics I have never been rendered so redundant like this. I was always having the opportunity to contribute my quota politically even when I was in PDP, that was a ruling party that had consistently produced Presidents and still having Governors, Senators, Honourable Members of House of Representatives, House of Assembly and other political positions. Hence, I can no longer continue in NNPP.

He stressed that he has removed his phone number from the party’s social media accounts and from the interactivity of the party website that he managed with his team and that he would only transfer the website of the party to the ICT Consultant that was asked to take over the website, provided the party leadership do the needful as contained in the memo he submitted to the party through the National Secretary when he was asked to hand over the website to the ICT Consultant engaged by the party.

Olorunmagba maintained that despite his resignation from NNPP, he would still continue to do his best to maintain personal relationship with those he had met in NNPP and if the party leadership needs his attention for anything for now, provided that it would not interfere with his next responsibility, he would be available.

He appreciated the past and present leadership of the party for the opportunity to serve.

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