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Ukraine Unhappy With New EU Sanctions On Russia



On Monday, Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba said the incoming new EU sanctions on Russia will be “insufficient.”

Mr Kuleba said he saw the draft for the planned fifth draft of EU punitive measures, and “as it stands now, it is an insufficient response to Russia’s crime and Russian aggression.”

He added, “EU sanctions must be strengthened.”

The minister, who spoke in a livestream on Twitter, particularly called for an embargo on Russian oil, gas and coal, the closure of EU ports to Russian vessels and goods, and new Russian banks to be excluded from the SWIFT banking communications network.

Mr Kuleba also called on G7 countries to implement the same measures.

“After seeing the images from Bucha and thinking about all the suffering of Ukrainian civilians, I cannot politely call on and encourage. I can only demand,” he added.


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