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OGSOSA 13/14 Set Holds Annual General Meeting, Discusses Matter Arising, Sets Out New Agenda



Offa Grammar School Old Students Association, 2013/2014 set, as per its custom, hosted annual general meeting. The annual general meeting was held on 1st of January, 2022, at Oyeleke Hall.


Abdulsamad Don, who moderated the meeting, opened the floor with gratitude to God Almighty and recognized members present. He also commended the members’ love and reiterated the reunion’s importance. Opening prayers were said by Bello Idris before Secretary Labeeb read the minutes of the last meeting.


From the minutes of the last meeting, which was recorded in the previous year, Secretary Labeeb revealed information concerning wedding gifts cancellation to members getting married due to issues of invitation by some parties while some parties don’t use to invite the association and they would feel sidelined. He also talked about members’ monthly contributions and how the association plans to use them for its 10th anniversary. He unveiled the amount raised so far from last year by the association’s members via their monthly contributions.


Vice President Jamiu Aro, while discussing salient issues, also reiterated the fact that members need to be turning up for urgent matters in the association’s WhatsApp platform and should be ready to volunteer.


The matter of one of the members of the association was also discussed. The association had solicited funds for solving the problem of the member concerned. Some members had raised suggestions that he wanted to go to school. Some members visited his mother for enquiry. After noticing that part of the problem is financial or “psychological” related issues, the association started a humanitarian service.


Foodstuff, clothes, a phone, and other things were bought. However, after a series of visits by some of the association’s members, they noticed the problem persisted despite pushing for his education. The association moved for Rukiya recitation being championed by one member but all to no avail.


There was still another contribution on the issue, though tiring. Still, some members, together with excos, suggested the member’s mother should be supported in terms of business so she can cater for him as the association plays its part. Members raised suggestions on the kinds of business that should be set up for the member’s mother before finally buying a grinding machine and other equipment.


Apart from the association’s main fund, which is separate and had scaled over #100,000, the fundraised for the member concerned is total #184,000, with #152,500 spent, and the remaining balance is #31,500. However, the member’s issue would be taken externally for further help needed, resolved at the meeting.


On the issue of webinars being hosted by the association to equip the members, a suggestion was raised by Hammed Sulaiman that it should be done once a month and that the speakers invited should follow the trend, and there should be compensation. The suggestion was supported by Bello Idris. Oyewo, however, was of contrary opinion on the trending issues. Abdulrazaq raised Sunday as a befitting day to be running the webinar, but Saturday night was contended by Secretary Labeeb.


Jimoh Taofeek talked about entitlement and updates on what the association fund is being used for. He opined that it would give a sense of responsibility and priority to members. Hammed Sulaiman raised the issue of celebrating some highest donors in monthly contributions, but Don Samad contended that some members like not to be mentioned.


Uthman Wolf urged excos that they should extend their hands to members. At the same time, Ramat demanded that she is looking forward to having entertaining annual meetings and also stated the association should do something tangible to alma mater, which they would always be proud of in the future.


However, Sikiru, another member, raised the issue of electing excos via forms application. Lawal Rofiat also spoke on working in preparation for the association’s official meeting, and Olamilekan urged excos to continue their amazing work and keep members updated.


During the dusk of the meeting, it appeared that there would be a need to reshuffle the excos, and an emergency meeting was held thereafter. Excos agreed to update members on-the-go about the meeting.


The annual general meeting ended in grand style as members reconnected, shared contacts, and networked with each other after taking grand pictures.


OGSOSA Media Team

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