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PDP Blasts Oluga Over Comments On Senator Ademola Adeleke’s Gov Ambition



—Says She Should Not Mistake Governance For Her Night Crawling Escapades

The Osun State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has reacted to the comment of the lawmaker representing Irewole/Isokan/Ayedaade Federal Constituency, Honourable Taiwo Oluga against the gubernatorial candidate of the party in the last Governorship election, Senator Ademola Adeleke.

Oluga had during a media parley asked Dr Deji Adeleke to make his brother, Senator Ademola Adeleke who is aspiring to become governor on the platform of the PDP the Vice Chancellor of Adeleke University if indeed he believes he has the capacity to run the affairs of the state.

Reacting, the media office of Osun State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party described Oluga’s statement as amusing.

“We finds it amusing, the indecent vituperation of Taiwo Oluga, the
lawmaker representing Irewole/Isokan/Ayedaade Federal Constituency of Osun State, against the person of Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke.

“We understand the desperation of the truant, ‘baby girl’ lawmaker to warm herself into the hearts of her fainting party for further patronage, having been a beautiful failure on duty so far, but such desperation should have been applied with some level of decorum befitting of her gifted position.

“We also sympathize with the good people of Irewole/Isokan/Ayedaade Federal Constituency for having such a misfit and intellectually deranged, ‘cheap card’ represent them at the parliament. It is unfortunate enough having such person as an emblem of a family, let alone a constituency of accomplished men and women of candour.

“Taiwo Oluga should read beyond mischievous handouts given to her about Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke, for her to come to terms with rich history of service of the charismatic Senator at Blue Chip Companies like Pacific Holdings and Guinness PLC, during which he contributed immensely at directorate level, in sustaining the companies’ profitable growth, even under adverse economic conditions.

“Oluga should also avail herself with unmatchable records of service delivery of Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke when he served the good people of Osun West Senatorial district of Osun State within just a space of 2 years, including full university scholarships for over 200 indigent students of the Senatorial District.

“Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke is today, hundreds of miles preferred by the electorates in the state based on his rich history as a compassionate leader, whose love for the state is beyond comprehension for people like Oluga, a residual product of political sugar daddies.

“Senator Adeleke does not need to superintend over Adeleke university where other Nigerians are gainfully employed to prove his passion and love for his people. His track record and that of his siblings in the annals of Osun State and Nigeria at large speak volume of his nature and capacity to take the state out of the woods.

“That Taiwo Oluga lacked any traceable record in public or private engagement before flirting her way into the parliament should not unplug her reasoning nerves from socket of dignity.

“We enjoin members of the public to forgive Taiwo Oluga for her overzealousness as represented by her foul utterances. She’s still a little girl struggling with the ropes of self dignity and productive representation expected of her office.

“As an illogical marketer with so much indecent upbringing, especially during her notorious days at the Federal Polytechnic, Ede, as a cheap Coquette, coupled with finding herself in a political party where mediocrity thrives, Taiwo couldn’t have done any better and such occasional oral faeces becomes certainly inevitable for her.

“We also implore Taiwo Oluga to desist from equating governance with night crawling activities. We expect her to at least offer her constituents some reasons why she was imposed to represent them in Abuja instead of getting tossed around for easy, dirty jobs.

Osun PDP Media Office.
28th September, 2021.

Osun 2022: I understand this beautiful woman stirred the hornet nest today in the political atmosphere of Osun as emotions and tensions build up towards the election next year and the data boys ( in Omo Deacon ‘s voice) are really not sparing her.

One thing I’m yet to understand, which in anyway is the typical way of playing politics around here is why people keep mute or you remain in their good books until your opinion or interest stands against theirs and then come out calling you all sort of unprintable names.

Typical of data boys, sorry, politicians they are out calling her all sort of names rather than taking advantage of such challenge to spin a positive narrative in selling their aspirant to the public but being who they are all they can do is rain abuses on her.

In my own opinion, I think they should have made this a reason to engage in elevator pitch for the senator so as to make people know that he really has qualities necessary to govern the state.

His academic achievements, political dexterity, mental prowess and other major characteristics possessed by this man are what I expect to be flying around now instead of the childish and mental incompetence of name calling flying about on social media which does not answer the question of incompetence asked by Hon. Oluga.

If indeed he’s competent as his handlers and supporters want us to believe then they should tell us his areas of strength rather than the noisy atmosphere being created on this street against an innocent challenge poised by an opposing politician. In fact, I expect that the man would be a guest on Rave FM Frank Talk tomorrow so as to convince Osun electorates on the need to vote for him as the next governor of the state.

This woman in my own opinion has done nothing wrong except there are really issues beyond the surface on this subject matter.

Wetin I even know sef.

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