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Nigerian Wins £3,520 Harassment Claim In UK



An English court has awarded a Nigerian man, Temitayo Ajala £3,520 (about N1, 809,280) in compensation following derogatory harassment from his boss.

Ajala took his boss, Lyndon Parker to court for religiously harassing him.

Ajala, who is a car salesman at Doves Vauxhall dealership in Southampton, won the religious harassment claim after his boss told him he believed “Allah is the devil”.

The court also ordered his boss to tender an apology.

The Nigerian man said Lyndon Parker, his manager at Doves Vauxhall dealership was told to say sorry but did a loud fart and giggled during the apology.

He was, therefore, awarded £3,520 (about N1,809,280). (New Telegraph)

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