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NYAN Speakership Aspirant, Amb Samsideen Urges Buhari To Tackle Insecurity, Rolls Out His manifesto



An aspirant for the position of National Speaker of National Youth Assembly of Nigeria, Comrade Amb. Ogunolu Samsideen, has charged President Muhammad Buhari on the need to address insecurity which is the bane of the country at present.

Amb. Samsideen gave the charge in Osogbo, Osun state capital, during a press conference addressed to unveil the campaign manifesto for his aspiration as National Speaker of National Youth Assembly Of Nigeria.

He said there was the need for the APC led government and all the governors of the 36 states and the current Minister of the FCT to resolve the security and other challenges currently bedeviling the country with immediate alacrity.

He however called on the youths, human right activists and all Nigerians to work collectively for the betterment of the country, stressing that the youth must strive harder not to allow the labour of the heroes past to be in vain.

“Before I proceed with the manifesto may I seize this opportunity to inform the entire Nigerians, comrade, youth and activist that Nigeria is in dare need of you and I to work collectively for the betterment of our nation, that no matter what may happen Nigeria still remain our only country in view of this we are youth, the leaders of today and tomorrow most strive harder not to allow the labour of our heroes past not to be in vain.

“I and my teaming supporters, friends and associates has resolve to hold Nigeria in high esteemed and always to lift the bane of Nigeria higher, that as it may be we are calling on the Nigeria government, the APC lead government of the federal republic of Nigeria and all governors of the 36th state and the current minister of the FCT to as a matter of urgency resolved the following challenges that has bedeviled Nigerians must be addressed with immediate alacrity.

“Insecurity, Nigeria as a country has now been seen and known as a country in which insecurities is on the high side, the killing in the north east area of the country by the bandit, Boko Haram, the Fulani herdsmen must be tackles now, it’s one of the fundamental human right of every citizen to have life, life is sacred, we are calling on the federal and state governments security apparatus to used the carrot and stick approach of those bandit, kidnappers, herders etc., no group of Nigeria should take life of another, we are urging the federal government to deal with every group that is out to cause harm to any Nigeria .

“Asup strike, Education they say is the bedrocks of every nation, our polytechnic has been on strike, for over hundreds of days, yet the federal government is keeping glue lips on one of the most vital key to national development, students years has been wasted, as a result of this strike action embark upon by the polytechnic lecturers many students has lost their life, and many has gone the wrong way, on 27th of May 2021 we learnt that the polytechnic students gather, all the students were at the ministry of education in ABUJA to protest, we are calling on the federal government to as a matter of urgency address this issues once and for all, to avoid future shut down of our academic institution, if any institution must be shut down in any sane society it must never be a cathedral of learning,

“We are urging both parties involved to return to the negotiation table, or face mass action from the Nigeria youth and students, we shall be joining the next protest, and since our plight are not been made, we shall shut down the entire country, my comrades in Abuja will shut down the ABUJA international airport, the lokoja bridge will be shut down, all oil facilities, nobody will move again, we shall align with comrade from NANS,NYCN, Etc and every youth organization across the country to drive home our demand and plight.

“Proposed fuel increments, we notice with dismal the proposed increments of PMs prices, we say at this time considering the hardship we are facing as a result of the covid19 pandemic, every attempt to increase the price of PMs will be suicidal and every of such will be resisted with mass action, it’s not a threat but a reality.

“Economy, Nigeria economy that used to be the pride of Africa is dieing down, we are no longer the giant of Africa, we are been mock by smaller Africa countries and Asia countries, the inflation rate in Nigeria is second to none, even war ravage countries like Yemen, Syria are not witnessing what we are witnessing here, we call on the Federal government to as a matter of urgency do all within it capacity to see a drop of household consumables in other to reduce the suffering and hunger in the land.”

While speaking on his agenda as an Aspirant of National speaker of Samsideen who is the Osun State Speaker of NYAN said he would do everything within his reach to bring the bond of unity back amongst the Nigeria youth and ensure youth development.

“I here put forward the following points and Agenda this will serve as our marking guide when we finally win our election as the national speaker of NYAN comes 19th of June 2021.
My Agenda for NYAN.

“To bring unity,: one of our mission is to bring the bond of unity back amongst the Nigeria youth, o achieve this we shall focus more on youth unity program, preach more of love, brotherliness and together, we shall tour the length and breath of this country to achieve this aim, we shall partner the national orientation agency (NOA) and other youth platform and organization in other to achieve our aim.

“Youth development: we shall by all means engage and develop the Nigeria youths, we shall awaken the potential of every Nigeria youth with our various programs, and we shall carry out entrepreneurial program zone by zone.

“To enhance the good image of NYAN in all ramifications, we shall at all hold to high esteemed the ideology of NYAN, we shall remain a committed good ambassadors of NYAN and by extension the Nigeria youth both home and abroad.

“Progressiveness and cordial relationship between youths and government must be prioritized, we shall work with all relevant youth organization, government bodies, especially the national orientation agency, as we are already making a concrete effort to ensure that NOA become part of NYAN, because the Nigeria youth need re-orientation to avoid been used as thugs and other violence machinery.

“Youths ideology must be implemented righteously.” He said.

Enumerating his goals, Samsideen said: “To be a pace setter that will encourage the youths to know that NYAN is meant to project the voice of the youth.

“To work with all state and local level Speakers to encourage sittings in their various states for proper reorganization. To encourage positive operational system within NYAN because an organization that has no active leaders will surely fail and to avoid that I am ready to put in my commitment to move NYAN to greater heights.

“I will be visiting NYAN state executives and local executives yearly for proper supervision. Success of NYAN is my priority and with the support and cooperation of state and local executives my tenure would be very effective.”


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