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‘Medical Profession Is A Call To Serve And Save Lives, Imbibe The Same Spirit’- Prof Adeoti Charges Doctors



Living a life of mercy and care for others both in words and actions particularly by the medical experts had been stressed to be a corner stone and hallmark of true essence of existence of all mankind.

An astute Medical Practitioner in the classes of Medical Birds, a Professor of Medicine, Moses Adeoti made this known at an online Memorial Lecture organized in honour of Late Dr.Stephen Olaniran Adeyemo by the ADEYEMO MENTEE’S GROUP.

Speaking as a keynote speaker of the Memorial Lecture Series 1, Prof. Adeoti described late Dr. Adeyemo as a true patriot in the saving lives calling, dedicated and selfless Medical Expert who had through his uncommon pedigree of care and merciful dispositions changed the narrative of sacred Profession for better.

“Big title for a very simple, down to earth generous young man. He was selflessly a natural mentor who nurtured and grew people. Motivator, Encourager. He was a tree on which many birds came to build their nests. You taught us attitude to patients, surgical skills, sacrifice, commitment and dedication.

“You schooled us in compassion and broad mindedness. We your mentees are blazing trails in life, not because we are smart or more intelligent but because along the paths of our lives, we were sent to an angel who tutored us on divine ways of being, on the core, timeless values of the medical profession and on the map of true success”, he stressed.

He therefore charged all the Medical Practitioner both in potential and actual to emulate the spirit of care, compassion and good attitude to patients as it is the only sacrifice demands by their calling.

“We should emulate his selflessness dedication, hard work, willingness to share knowledge and replicate ourselves in form of mentoring. Beyond all these, we should take good care of ourselves in the process of taking care of our patients.

“We are care free about taking the ”medicines” we always prescribe for our patients- like adequate rest and sleep, exercises, regular checkups. It is very important to know and appreciate that we can only give what we have and as such cannot give good health to people for a long time if we ourselves are not healthy.

“As we remember our dear departed colleague today, we sincerely pray that God almighty will fill the void his untimely departure has created in his family and among his associates.”, He concluded.

Earlier in his Address of welcome, Arch Bishop Leke Abegunrin of the Catholic Archdiocese of Ibadan stated that, Dr. Adeyemo was a man of many parts and mystery whose his imprints on a stone of marble could not be easily erased. He maintained further that the entire nation would forever owe his descendants a big favour which he would not renege on when occasion arises.

In their separate remarks, Prof. Titus Ibekwe, Dr.Adeniyi Adetoki,Dr.Babatunde Afolabi, Sr.Perpectual Adelakun and Sr.Ekop Ekaete eulogized the virtues of Dr. Adeyemo and testified him to be indeed a teacher, guide and God sent reliving balm to souls in despair added that encouragement got from him had paid off today and would never wash their memory.

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