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Eid-El-Kabir: Osun APC Celebrates With Muslims



The All Progressives Congress (APC) has sent a message of goodwill and congratulated‎ the Muslim community in Osun on the occasion of the Eid el Kabir celebration, which is one of the most important event in the Muslim calendar.

“We join our brothers and sisters of the Islamic faith to celebrate this event and also share in the joy that comes with the spiritual renewal which Allah bestows”, the APC said.

According to the party, “at no time in the history of this state is recourse to the spiritual more imperative than now that all of us are heading towards a watershed moment with the potential to critically impact our lives moving forward.

“Sober voices and calm heads are needed in their numbers to secure the future for the state of Osun”, the party declared.

“It is the hope of all well meaning people that this state does not suffer shock followed by stagnation and regression‎ as a result of counter productive actions of those who might not think soberly enough before making their choices come September 22.

According to the party in a statement signed and circulated by the director of publicity, research and strategy, Kunle Oyatomi Esq, “liars and vultures are out and around circulating falsehood, promising to do things for the people which they know are unattainable.

“In such a situation, the people have to be spiritually fortified and knowledgeable enough to know what is best for‎ them.

”It is therefore important that as we celebrate with our Moslim brothers and sisters, we keep sight of the challenge ahead and remain prayerful that peace, stability and progress continue to reign in the state”, the APC advised.

Furthermore the party stated that “how we think, how we act and whatever choices we make will have significant consequence for everyone, and hopefully not for evil, but for good”.

The party in conclusion admonished celebrants to be “orderly, peaceful and charitable as they observe the Sallah festival. That is what they owe to their communities throughout the state, Barka de Sallah.

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1 Comment

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