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Osun Guber Poll: Group Warns PDP Against Fielding Uncompetitive, Incompetent Candidate



An Osun based socio-political group, Osun State Coalition for Good Governance and Community Development has warned the leadership of the Peoples Demo‎cratic Party (PDP) against fielding any questionable candidate in the forthcoming September 22 governorship election in Osun state.

The group threatened to wage war against the party if its leadership fails to hold the ground as the best alternative for the people of the state.

The position of the group was made known on Sunday during a press conference organized at the Atlantis Civic Centre, Osogbo.

The group faulted the credibility of the party’s flag-bearer, Senator Ademola Adeleke to present his certificate.

ddressing the press, the Public Relations Officer of the group, Mr Akin Akinsode called on the PDP to put its house in order saying the group will not hesitate to mobilize massively against the PDP to safe Osun from imminent predicament and danger.

The Group admonished the party (PDP) to look inward before it is too late particularly in the interest of the people who believe in it as the credible alternative to the ruling party.

According to the group, “Osun State Coalition for Good Governance and Community Development is a network of concerned indigenes of Osun State and we are for the good of the state and unswerving in our commitment to and advocacy for good governance and community development for the good of the general people of Osun.

“We want to state our disappointment, perhaps the dissatisfaction of a huge number of Osun people towards the show of shame by the Peoples Democratic Party in the state.

“To say that we and of course the teeming population of people of Osun were well adjusted and favourably disposed to the party as the only viable alternative is to state the obvious.

“However, in the face of recent happenings, one wonders if the party is cursed to have ruined its brightest chance freely given by people.

“Simply put, Osun wants PDP but that is provided the party fields a credible and acceptable candidate, but in what looks like an insult on people’s sensibility and flagrant abuse of privilege in the face of several alternatives, the PDP goofed and therefore dashed people’s hope.

“While it is needless to educate the party that governance is a serious business and Osun is too blessed with intellectuals and competent hands to be submitted to an individual who is not qualified to take the least sensitive job at an established organisation.

“So,without prejudice, we appeal to the leadership of the PDP to exercise caution and not bring Osun and the nation to ridicule”.

He group added, “While we will not hesitate to mobilise massively against the party to safe Osun from imminent predicament and danger in entrusting complicated responsibilities as the case of our state is, to unprepared individual, we warn the party to look inward before it is too late particularly in the interest of the people who believe the party but will never settle for anything below Aregbesola’s stuff, even though his is abysmally below the people’s expectation.

“Already, the news of the certificate scandal involving the candidate of the PDP is everywhere and one wonders what is difficult in presenting his certificate as challenged, if he has any.

“Moreso, the Jacksonville University certificate claim has been confirmed to be a hoax which only exists in the imagination of the candidate and his self defeating party.

“This reminds us of Salisu Buhari’s Toronto scandal and indeed, by every standard, a mud that no amount of spin can whittle down with ease.

“Resultantly, the PDP should prepare for terrible defeat if it fails to let reason prevail and desist from taking Osun electorates for granted by fielding an uncompetitive candidate.

“Since charity begins at home and it is impossible to build something on nothing, we join all lovers of good governance and purposeful leadership to call on the national and state leadership of the party to tread carefully.

“Apparently, if the Billionaire brother of the candidate, despite his huge financial muscle and investment, could not put the candidate in position of sensitive responsibility in his profit oriented lines of businesses, then flying such a candidate to take up the most sensitive position in Osun is condescending and calls for deep concern.

“We again appeal to the mass of the people of Osun to see the forthcoming gubernatorial election as an abundant opportunity to assert their right to improved treatment and good standard of living as well as people-centred developments.

“We implore the Independent National Electoral Commission to stand up to the herculean task ahead, hope that the PDP as the major opposition party will wake from its slumber just as we respectfully beseech the people of Osun not to compromise merit and competence.

“The past is no longer for us to influence, but we have today to secure tomorrow and ensure Osun is not crippled by anybody or party.

“Assuredly, Osun has great tendency to fare well under a good and purposeful manager. Therefore, beyond party affinity, we appeal to people to put merit first and not sell the soul of the state to the highest bidder, as the result may be counterproductive considering the fact that some of the 48 candidates being paraded by the political parties in the race do not possess the required competence and expertise.

“So, committing the affairs of the state to candidates without the requisite qualities would spell more devastating doom for the state.

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