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Okorocha set to Reduce Work Days to 3, cut Workers’ Salary



Governor of Imo state Rochas Okorocha has stated that he wants to reduce the number of working days in the state to 3 so as to reduce the burden on the state budget.

According to Premium Times, the governor said this while speaking to journalists at his residence in Owerri.

He opined that the extra days could be used by workers to find some other source of income for the upkeep of their families and also help government to cut salaries.

“I encourage Imo workers to find additional things to do to support their families because of the economic situation we are facing in Nigeria.

“We are considering to reduce the working days from five to three in Imo, so that workers will use the rest of the days to work and support their families’’, he said.

Okorocha added that while there was no set date for this move, there was the consideration of reviewing downwards the salaries of workers stating that Imo state still paid the highest salary scale among South-Eastern states of Abia, Anabmbra, Ebonyi and Enugu.

“Directors in these other South-Eastern states receive something a little above N90, 000 while in Imo they receive more than N100, 000.”