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Olagoke Bags Fellowship of NIM, Advises On Economy, Governance



A Fellow, Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), Professor Sabit Ariyo Olagoke JP has identified why the nation remains at low ebb of productivity when compared with other nations of the world charging the Institute to brace up in order to arrest the ugly situation.

Olagoke who recently  in Lagos bagged a Fellowship member of Nigerian Institute of Management during his investiture spoke on “Management: A universal key to sustainable dynamics of life” stressed that “well informed people are easy to govern because they will be there for the leaders to resist any incursion external or internal aggression as witnessed in Turkey”.

He charged the Institute to impact on government and Nigerians on the issues of running a corrupt free nation with sustained environment into that of a disciplined society.

Olagoke, a Justice of the Peace and Founder of Safaudeen-In -Islam Worldwide with International Headquarters in Ibadan, recommended” the concepts that can easily turn us around into high productivity culture of service and better work attitude are behavioral hierarchy of needs and leadership concepts”

He observed that” there are three spheres of life that hold intact the fabric and dynamics of the world for human survival.  They are – Education, Religion and Politics.

“Suffice it to say that this Institute cannot afford to allow quackery and mismanagement to dominate the three major spheres of life.  Much as Government needs to respect the NIM in this respect, there is a dire need for us to emphasise on the following new concepts in management for better handlability and effectiveness in the dynamics of processing and harnessing our material and human resources to have a paradigm shift in Nigeria from consumerism to high exporting index, poverty to prosperity, poor attitude to better team work spirit for higher productivity.

“The Management concepts need to be developed for right application with all sensitization effects in place and emphasis in our schools, religious systems, home and government.

Quoting various authorities with case studies, he said “good management is Immunity let us realize that good management in governance, religion and education administration is immunity against coup, agitation, insurgence, industrial action and social vices.

“Good management as an immunity is better than the constitutionally entrenched immunity for leaders which is usually abused with impunity aiding corruption!  Where transparency and accountability are lost, credibility is in doubt with loss of people’s trust for support!

“The Nigerian Institute of Management is therefore being charged to let us impact on government and the people of Nigeria on the issues of running a corruption-free nation with sanitized environment into that of a disciplined society.

“Design a fraud proof management techniques for government and corporate systems to adopt as well as preventing obnoxious bills and policies that may not be in the best interest of the people and the country to advance.

“This is not to allow the current effort of Nigerian government on economic diversification to suffer the same fate of the oil mainstay of the economy that was grossly abused into the extreme regime of Kleptocracy and abject poverty.

The awardee donated books in the fields of religion, social sciences, Engineering and humanities to the library of the institute for the enhancement of learning and education.

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