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Cleric charges Ministers, Legislators to reduce salary



A cleric, Evangelist Paul Olusegun Oyeniran, has called on the legislators and others political office holders to join president Muhammadu Buhari and reduce their salary to bring reduction to highly cost of things.

Oyeniran prophesied that doing so will bring reduction to the highly cost of things in the country.

He noted that it has been revealed to him on August 24, 1994 that problems facing the unity, peace and progress of the nation will be resolved, adding that the time was not revealed to him then.

“On 22nd October, 2015, the Spirit of God said to me that the present President (Buhari) is the president he has revealed to me since 1994 that he would bring to pass the promise of bringing highly cost of things in the country to a very low price.

Oyeniran who is the founder of Ambassador of Christ Teaching and Evangelistic Ministry, Ode-Omu, Osun state, said God is willing to know why other political office holders have not joined the president in reducing their salaries.

He declared that the highly cost food stuffs will be buying at a very low price if the Ministers and National Assembly members can join hands with Buhari’s government.

He added that it has been revealed to him that Nigeria should include the second stanza of the National Anthem in the recitation, saying this is the right time to do so