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Who Do We Blame, Govt that Couldn’t Pay Salary or Workers that Work from 9.a.m – 1.45p.m?



The imbroglio between Osun state government and its workers has raised some questions which required faithful answer by individual.

medical Dr Protest in Osun

The state government has blamed its inability to pay workers’ salary on the dwindling revenue allocation from the Federal Government.

As if workers are not aware of the economy crisis in the nation, they are mainly concerned about prompt and timely payment of their salaries.

The state government in its efforts to reduce cost of governance recently sacked some workers in the tertiary institutions, who are found wanting on one offence or the other a development that nearly triggered cataclysmic reactions.

Those that were sacked, according to information have had series of queries while some did not upgrade their result for almost fifteen years they have been working in the institutions.

Some of the sacked workers were said to have taken government job with levity and lackadaisical attitude at work was leveled against some sacked workers.

When our correspondent visited one of the affected institutions at Koko, along Oba, Iree, (extension of Osun State Polytechnic), students were treated as if they did not pay school fee while some workers behave as gods.

At the entrance of one of the office pasted “9.a.m – 1.45p.m” meaning that the workers work for less than five hours in a day.

These are the workers that demand full payment of their salaries without considering the lives of students involved.

An old student who claimed to have traveled to the school from Ibadan engaged in serious plea when he get to the school at 2.00p.m.

One of the staff in the room, told the student who came to collect his result to look at the information posted at the entrance.

All efforts made by the student to explain what he has went through to get his result proved futile as he was asked to come another day before 2.00p.m.

The student who simply identified himself as Tunde, during the hot argument said “how do you work like this and expect the government to go and borrow to pay your salary?

In an angry voice, the student said “if this is how you have been working from 9.a.m – 1.45p.m, you have been cheating the government and you have been offending God.