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Do Not Allow Nation’s Economic Challenges Scuttle Your Marriage- Cleric Advises Youths



Nigerian youths have been counseled not to allow the country’s economic challenges to scuttle their ambition to go into the institution of marriage which was God ordained.

Prophet Samuel Ajayi Adegboyega, the General Overseer of Salvation Proclaimers Anointed Church (SPAC) Sango Ibadan, gave the admonition recently during the wedlock between Miss Olubukola Atinuke Lawal and Mr.Oluseye Adetoye Babalola, son of an Ibadan based journalist and former News Editor of defunct Sketch Press Limited.

The Minister of God stressed that marriage was a sacred institution ordained by God which must never be polluted or desecrated by either of the party pointing out that each of the couple has his and her
roles to play for harmonious relationship.

“Obviously times are hard in the country but the hardship would be for a while. Our youths should not take that as an excuse to shun marriage. But at the same time, they should know that there is a time for everything as contained in Ecclesiastes 3:1-3.”

Prophet Adegboyega noted that many criteria like physical, spiritual and financial maturity should be considered by youths before they go into the institution of marriage, pointing out that neglect of any of
these will lead to matrimonial somersault.

The Cleric who disclosed that he had been in the institution for over 45 years charged wives to be totally submissive to their husbands just as husbands should not see themselves as dictators in order to have marital bliss.


“The couple must find time for relaxation, the husbands in particular should have time to crack jokes with their wives and children despite the struggle to provide for the family as the breadwinner. The husbands in particular, should listen with rapt attention to what may appear as nonsensical words from their wives. Even if they don’t have answers, they should pretend as if they have answers, and they enjoy the story “, he advised.

Emphasising the concept of tolerance, he charged the couple to accept possible shortcomings of each other in view of the fact that they come from different backgrounds.

Adegboyega, who is also a marriage counsellor pointed out that it was absolutely necessary for the husbands to see themselves as protectors of their wives, adding that they should remain breadwinners of the home.

He further advised the new couple as well as those already in the institution to resist the temptation of allowing outsiders even family members, to come between them, stressing that such was always a catalyst for marital break-up.

“Parents especially as well as friends should keep off from intruding into the affairs of couples. They should be good advisers and not home breakers,” he advised.