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Muslim Cleric Declares War, Rains Curses on Akinrun



By AbdulRofiu Agboola

A Muslim cleric, Alhaji Mojeed Adeyemi has allegedly declared war against a frontline monarch in Osun State, Akinrun of Ikirun, Oba AbdulRauf Olayiwola Olawale for been a staunch supporters of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in the state.

Adeyemi who is the Chief Imam,  Lameco Central Mosque, Ikirun, Ifelodun Local Government Area  of the state was , last Friday, July 8, 2016 accused of  raining curses on the traditional ruler during the Jumat service in the mosque.

It was gathered that Imam Adeyemi was irked by the influence of the referred Monarch on the APC which he earned and well acknowledged by the chieftains across the state through his staunch support for the party at all times.

It was learnt that Imam Adeyemi was in support of some APC members who have been allegedly persistent in attacking Akinrun, for his influence in the party.

Speaking on the development, Mr Tajudeen Ishola who was at the Lameco Central Mosque to observe Jumat service on Friday explained that many people felt so bad about the utterances of Imam Adeyemi against Akinrun.

Ishola who bemoaned the way and manner the chief Imam allegedly abused Akinrun during the Jumat service, claimed that the cleric has been bought over by who he described as “disgruntled” APC members in the town.

He alleged that Imam Adeyemi was allegedly paid by the anti-Akirun APC members to do the dirty work of embarrassing the king so as to scare the monarch off his support for the APC.

Ishola said: “We felt so embarrassed by the way Imam Adeyemi rained curses, abused and said unprintable things about our king. In fact it was a show of shame to the entire indigenes of Ikirun to see how religious leader will be abusing our king just because of political matter.

“The enemies of Oba Olawale among the ruling party considered the cleric who is a member of the town’s royal clan suitable for the job of molestation on the Akirun since he is a prince and thus would earn credibility easily if he is the one saying rubbish about the monarch.

“Besides, Imam Adeyemi had done such irresponsible job in the past when he, for about one year prelude to the August 9, 2014 governorship election in Osun state engaged in regular cursing and abusing of Governor Rauf Aregbesola for what he described as his non performance in office.

“At that time, Adeyemi made it a point of duty at his sermon every Friday not only to abuse Governor Aregbesola but would assuredly say that the governor would lose the election and that if this did not happen, then people should feed him with dog, a taboo for any one that lay claim to been a Muslim.

“Those who wanted to feed the insolent cleric with the dog when Governor Aregbesola won his second term election and retain his seat turned out to be those members of the APC who share views with the Akirun on the matter in contention, thus it was easy for Imam Adeyemi to take the brief of the disgruntled APC members to help them embarrass the Monarch.”

An APC member in Ikirun, Mr Sunday Aderemi disclosed that: “The dissension between the rank and file of the APC in Ifelodun local government had been precipitated by the aggrieved members had gone ahead to chose the son of former Central Senate District leader of the party, Hon G.O.Lawal as the nominee for the position of federal board members as requested by the state party secretariat.

“While the anti-Akinrun APC members ferociously defended their actions, those who felt cheated about the step and in clear knowledge of the contributions and the influence of the Akirun within the party hierarchy reported the matter to him for intervention.

“Akirun’s efforts at asking for a level playing ground for all members of the party as the natural way to resolving the crisis were rebuffed by the peeved members who started campaign of calumny against the Monarch.”

Aderemi said some angry members of the party had gone to an extent of devising means to scare off the Akirun from holding his puritanical position on the matter but have always been meeting brick walls as they were always told it was a wrong opponent they have chosen in Akirun and it was war they can never win they have engaged in.