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‘We need to value our Cultural Heritage’-Traditionalist Tells Yorubas



Agbongbon Awo of Osogbo land, Chief Ifaniyi Fanikayode

Agbongbon Awo of Osogbo land, Chief Ifaniyi Fanikayode

An Osogbo based and renowned traditionalist, Chief Ifaniyi Fanikayode, has urged the Yoruba dynasty both home and abroad to value the esteemed cultural heritage endowed with by the race and not allowing it going into extinction.

Chief Fakayode gave the charge while addressing the press as part of activities lined up to celebrate Osarosun Ifa festival of Agbongbon’s family in Osogbo.

According to him, it’s important to maintain our cultural heritage, ancestors and to know the importance of celebrating our ancestors.

Chief Fakayode who is the Agbongbon Awo of Osogbo land said, the purpose of the festival was to thanks the almighty God and the goddess for their protections and blessings upon the Agbongbon family.

The festival according to him will be celebrated with funfair for 5days starting from Friday September 16 to Tuesday 20th.

“Day 1, which is Friday, will be observed by cleaning the ifa and Osarosun shrine, it will also witness the appraisement and atonement to Ifa and all Ifa families, while Day 2which is Saturday is the social celebration of Osarosun, cultural display, acrobatic display and entertainment of the guest.

“Day 3and 4 is the divination day for Agbongbon family alone and offering to the ancestors at the family house, while Day 5 is the grand finale and the festival will witnessed offering to Olokun and divination of all the children of Agbongbon family.”

The festival according to Chief Fakayode would be graced by all Ifa devotees from all the states across the federation and in diasporas.