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Education Remains Panacea to Human Survival, Political Succession-Aregbesola



Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun state has described his administration’s commitment and dedication to functional education as the only way to guarantee an improved and refined society.


Governor Aregbesola made the statement while receiving a 320-copy of textbooks produced and presented to him by the leadership of the Coalition of All Progressives Supporters Group, at Government House, Osogbo.

Aregbesola who regarded education as the only realistic mechanism to combat all forms of socio-political and economic vices in the society, said his administration had laid down a formidable landmark and legacy for generations unborn in the history of  education sector in the state.

Governor Aregbesola further noted that his government having identified education as an instrument that guarantees improvement and betterment of human condition, resolved to prioritize and as well concentrate a huge resources to the sector for an overhaul performances.

Aregbesola however stressed that his government took a giant strides of prioritizing education sector in order to ensure that every child go to school and as well transform the general lives of the people of the state, saying he is bent to use the power of education to bring about seamless political succession in the future.

He attributed his government’s tremendous intervention on education to noble foresight of his six-point integral action plan aimed at giving a sound, functional, effective and quality education to every child in the state.

Aregbesola stated that his government was highly passionate to standard,efficient and effective education, adding that there cannot be any iota of improvement and development in any society if the upcoming generations are not educationally equipped and developed for future challenges.

Governor Aregbesola who described education as the bedrock of socio-economic triumphs, noted that the roles played by the current administration in turning around the future of its children as well as generations yet unborn on functional education can never be over-emphasized, saying his government has successfully shown to the entire world through the demonstration of prompt implementation of his numerous education policies and programmes.

Aregbesola said his focus was to continuously change the face of education by bringing-in the required light it deserves through the provision of an uninterrupted adequate educational materials and infrastructures to support and ease the teaching and learning processes across the public schools in the state.

He said, “Our government has brought new life to education through multifaceted programmes directly calculated to encourage and attract the younger ones.

“We have in the past five years used our administration’s dexterity to evolve policies purposefully aimed to give our children the best education they deserved and as well enshrined the potentials embedded in the sector.

“Our government having identified education as the only panacea to current myriads of socio-economic and political challenges deployed necessary strategies to chusion the effects through the provision of instructional materials and infrastructures to aid the system.

“We are passionate with education because we know that there cannot be improvement in our condition if we do not equip our upcoming generations and develop them to explore nature to the extreme possibility so that it will no longer be a threat to them.

“Our government is bent to turn around the educational sector in the state because It is evident that education guarantees trust worthy and reliable succession.

“To continuously achieve our dreams on education, our government has successfully intensified plan in all aspects of education to ensure that our children see the potential of brighter future in quality education.

“We have seen the existing light in the fact that without education, there can no be succession in government, therefore our government will not relent in its oars to continuously be the model in the provision of quality western education.

“In view of this, our government will continue to explore the resources at its disposal to enhance quality, effective and qualitative education in the state by continuously awaken and reawaken the strengths and capacities of the elements made up the sector.

Governor Aregbesola however commended the group for continuously identifying with him and as well supporting his administration’s policies and programmes.

He lauded the kind gestures of the leadership of the group, saying their regular contribution towards the actualization of his goals had recorded meaningful impacts in the lives of the younger ones in the state.

“In spite of smear campaign to rubbish us and discredit our programmes and policies, a group like this still came to encourage and support our good governance,” Aregbesola stated.

Earlier in his remark, the National Youth Leader of the Group, Comrade Mojeed Yaya commended Governor Aregbesola’s commitment to education in the state.

Comrade Yaya also lauded Governor Aregbesola for making education available, accessible and attractive to all children in the state, saying his giant strides in education had broken the gap between the poor and the rich.

Comrade Yaya held that Governor Aregbesola’s quality education has made Osun to be only state in Nigeria where children could not be seen loitering and begging for money during the school hours.

Comrade Yaya who led the delegation described the educational policies of the state of Osun as the best among its peers, adding that most of the state education’s programmes had been locally, nationally and internationally adopted and replicated by the government at various levels.

He therefore urged the state government not to relent in its bid of continuously supporting the education as the only way to develop the society.

He said, “Our Group found it worthy to support your administration for general development, upliftment ant transformation most importantly on education as we have seen that your passion for quality education could not be estimated.

“There is no doubt that the current administration in Osun has successfully laid a legacy and significant landmark in education as this good gesture has been adopted at local, national and international levels.

“Our Governor has made the state to be the only one in the country where every child is attracted and encouraged to western education through the provision of adequate educational materials to the pupils and the students in all public schools.

“Osun is also the only state where you cannot see any child begging for money on streets while he/she supposed to be in the school or during the school hours. “Infact, this government has made a significant impact on education and we are ready as a pro-masses group to support the current government in the state in all areas of the economy.

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