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Nigeria, A Country Where the Walker is Sicker than Admitted Patient



Nigeria, A Country Where the Walking is Sicker than Admitted Patient

By Ibraheem Alli

What is working in Nigeria?

“Until we have a reasonable uncompromising government at all levels, Nigeria and Nigerians may continue nursing the same wound and ignorantly endangering our children future. The deadly BokoHaram, Fulani herdsmen and Avengers are product of two idiots outvoting a genius in a bastardized system called democracy. What is working in Nigeria? Invariably, the mouth and ink are overtly rubbing for individual assessment”

Nigeria, a country of less than 60 million with the security operative (soldiers) less than 8,000 as at 1961.Though, they were recruited largely from the lower class and uneducated people. Despite that, Nigerians managed themselves with no proliferation of ethnic war.That was when the light reflected the true blood of nationalism as against insincerity, disconnect and avarice associated with modern governance. Social vices, imbroglio and ethnic distrust that characterized Nigeria of today are worrisome. Inarguably, those irregularities are product of ailing and ill-governance. The deadly BokoHaram, Fulani herdsmen and Avengers are product of two idiots outvoting a genius in a bastardized system called democracy. What is working in Nigeria? Invariably, the mouth and ink are overtly rubbing for individual assessment.

Nigerians, to be convinced will be gladly mingle with political figures’ children in public primary and secondary schools to be taught and exposed to the same teaching materials. The existence of private school was never to compete rather to outsmart and accommodate special children born by selected few with special interest in a well managed and equipped environment. Just unlike the public. Though, not all parents having children there are politicians but the establishment and approval of private school was not unconnected with the failure of public citadel of learning. Hence, public learning centre throughout the nation will never cease to be ill-equipped in as much as private school exists. Government, is education working in Nigeria? If it does, Parents, can you justify sending your children and wards to private schools when what your demand can be accessed in public schools that attract no payment? Is there any permanent school calendar in Nigeria? Last week, the universities lecturers have threatened a nationwide industrial action occasioned by the non implementation of 2009 agreement. Non respect of agreement is a bane in the educational institution. A government building classrooms but owing backlogs of salary is building structure to pollute the mind. I doubt if the structure will not be sold by the polluted mind.


Who knows whether there is a new planet or air in Nigeria? A planet where none will fall sick and the air is purified to generate eternal immunity. I guess Nigeria public office holders and its administrative arm have gone into trance to garner the prescient knowledge. The health workers under the Nigeria Union of Allied Health Professionals last year embarked on indefinite strike to press home their demands. They had, for several times before then, issued warnings to the Federal Government with ultimatum lapsing but resorted to indefinite strike by the government inability to meet up.

The question in the mind of many Nigerians is that; are Nigerians healthy to survive without medical attention? A nation where a sick soul appears in a good looking packaged body, functioning in hypocrite. Some are moving but are sicker than the admitted patients in the hospital. It is more than funny to see patient caretaker preceding the patient. Such are the characteristics of a country that never had excellent health apparatus for her people and despite, they are epileptic in service delivery. A country that sees little sense in protecting the lives of its populace through well-equipped medical centres should be observed as a crawling one with short-sightedness. If they do, why must they be going for medical treatments overseas when they have their own hospitals? How many time(s) has Obama visited Nigeria for medical diagnose? The system (Nigeria) is working just like human body, working in sight and not in soul. It is more than glaring, visible to the blind and audible to the deaf. But who among us is reasonably free from ailment?

A society that has it health house lagging behind is no less than haven. A sub-section of medical officials are on industrial action occasioned by what they described as insensitivity of government to their plight. Who knows how an insensitive government behaves so that we can determine whether one is here?

Health is wealth. Glad it is a natural asset. Otherwise, many would have been denied breathing by these elements of destruction called politicians.


My two consecutive tours to some parts of the country testify to the fact that, Nigeria as a country is seriously lagging behind in road connectivity while the scanty available roads lack maintenance. I nearly experience a hell inside a public transport to Abuja. Kogi State`s roads are dilapidated, it is a network for policemen that love bad roads as checking point for easy extortion of commuters. This account for the reason why police check points are rampant in Kogi State. I almost had similar experience in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State, one of the roughest states in my own assessment. I could reconnect when I bought pure water and asked: Please, where can drop the nylon? He said, this is not Lagos, drop it anywhere. Imagine! The non quality of flashy roads by government calls for concern by the stakeholders. Assessing and accessing a road of 80`s in good/comfortable state than a few months road is questionable. The integrity and propriety of the government and contractors should be grossly litigated. But the truth is, should we have that institution to effect such?

Power, the mitochondrion of any reasonable economy is an acute variable. Uneven distribution of electricity has invariably contributed to the advancement of a part of the federation to the other. Unless there is positive changes in her performance, Nigerians will continue questioning the performance of the power ministry irrespective of the integrity of its supervisor.

Another important attention is unemployment but I must confess, once the above problems are solved, it will drastically reduce unemployment in Nigeria.

Sincerely yours, the insincerity of government and avarice should be checkmated. The incumbent president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is on the crusade. Extending such to the federating unit will materialize the mission and clear the greedy logs. Proper monitoring by agencies will equally avoid misappropriation. To me, existing manageable school structures should not be demolished to build classrooms by a government owing teachers backlogs of salaries for months. Let each state check herself.

Until we have a reasonable non compromising government at all levels, Nigeria and Nigerians may continue nursing the same wound and ignorantly endangering our childrens` future.