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Why PDP will win 2019 elections-Fayose



The Governor of Ekiti state, Mr Ayodele Fayose, has reasoned that the All Progressives Congress, APC, did not win the 2015 general elections because of its activities prior to the polls but as a result of what the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, failed to do.

Fayose, who expressed optimism that the PDP will take advantage of the failures of the APC government to win the 2019 elections, insisted however that the elders of his party must take the back seat for causing PDP’s defeat in the 2015 presidential election.

Speaking at the Channels Television programme: Sunday Politics, he said: “Let me explain something to you; it is not what the opposition did before 2015, that made them win, it is what the party in power failed to do.

“When the party in government fails to provide fuel; queues are back, trimming their promises. The exchange, average men can no longer do things, businesses are dead. You can’t import anymore.

“You can’t pay fees of your children, light is becoming unbearable, herdsmen are killing people on a daily basis. Things are not working for Nigerians now. We are at the lowest ebb of our lives.

“I was a young man of 24 when Buhari was head of state, the same attitude between 1984 and 1985 is what is happening today. The reason why they took government from him at that time is still playing out today.”

The Ekiti Governor stated that former President Goodluck Jonathan should not have participated in the 2015 presidential election, lamenting that those who encouraged to Jonathan to run did not even allow him to get back home, after the defeat, before saying they had retired from politics.
His words, “I am an ardent supporter of former President Goodluck Jonathan, I love him, I would continue to defend his cause, I would continue to stand up for him, because he did well.

“In my opinion, the only thing Jonathan did that I keep saying, that I hardly want to say, is that if I were him I wouldn’t have contested.

“The people that went to tell Jonathan, that convinced him to run, making him to understand that at 58, when he would be done, how would a young man be 58 and say I’m done with presidency, they were the first set of people who said we have retired from politics.

“They didn’t even allow him to get home, before they said that. All leaders are coming out today to say they want to rebuild. Rebuild what? What you destroyed? You don’t have capacity to do it,” he said.

While commending Buhari for the successes recorded in the Federal Government’s fight against Boko Haram insurgency, Fayose noted that the insurgents are now being replaced by herdsmen.

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