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Why You Need To Take Lots Of Pictures Before January – Comedian AY



Why you need to take lots of pictures before January – Comedian AY
Nigerian comedian AY Makun has shared a piece of advice to his fans ahead of the new year.

In an Instagram post, AY told his fans that as they enjoy the festive season, they should take lots of pictures.

According to the comedian, snapping lots of photos throughout the Christmas season will serve as a reminder in January that no one stole their hard-earned money.

“Take lots of pictures while you’re having fun because you’ll need them in January to reassure yourself that no one stole your money,” AY Makun wrote.

The remark elicited a series of amusing responses from followers who found humour in AY Makun’s lighthearted take on the financial aftereffect of the festive season.

@babbz wrote: It’s definitely a long January… It’s 5weeks in total for January so prepare for the unthinkable… Spend wisely and don’t impress anyone…

@beethefavoured said: We wey dey house too go take pictures to thank ourselves in January.

@xzlschumpalaquar submitted: If you’re already calculating how much you’ve spent for Christmas alone you sure need a better camera my brother 📸😂

@akinniyiosho wrote: @aycomedian 😂😂😂 please tell them oh

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