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Skit Makers Under Fire For Featuring 2-Year-Old Child In Play



Nigerian upcoming skit makers known as Simigo and Ezebueze have been faced with backlashes on social media for using a 2-year-old girl in a play depicting child abuse.

In the viral clip, a comedian was seen entering his apartment with a two-year-old, who he portrayed as his daughter, and they both greeted another skit maker, playing the role of a landlord, making sexual faces as he sighted the girl.

The girl is then seen exiting her father’s apartment in the second scene, and the landlord lured her with a drink and took her to his room.

The father then emerges from his room, noticing that his daughter is missing, and goes outside to meet the landlord, only to discover that his daughter’s underwear is outside his landlord’s room and the girl can be heard crying.

The video elicited a flurry of reactions from some Nigerians, who described the video as offensive and demanded that the video be taken down and the two skit makers should be arrested by the police.

KneWKeeD on Twitter wrote, “Their lack of self-awareness is triggering. They apologised and even got the girl’s mom involved but left the video up. Everyone involved in it is Sick!.”

MrCruiseSA tweeted, “They should be arrested including people partook in the making of this skit and the parents who allowed their 2yrs old to be used in this video. This is disgusting.”

“This is very uncalled for, they should arrest everyone who participated in that skit!.”provii8 tweeted.

Another Tweep, josephanyaa wrote, “police suppose pack these ones.” while ZeroXjs tweeted,”Have they been arrested ?.”

UncleCCA wrote, “What is is even funny about this pedophilia skit.”

aysingz_ tweeted,” These upcoming comedians should do well not to pollute the public space we are fighting so much already we can’t continue like this.

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