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Man Commits Suicide After In-Law Demanded Balance Of Daughter’s Bride Price



A 42-year-old man, Chansi Ngoma from Rufunsa in Zambia has reportedly committed suicide after his mother-in-law confronted him over a balance of bride price amounting to K4,500 out of K10,000 he was charged in 2014.

Ngoma was alleged to have taken his life in his bedroom while his mother-in-law waited outside the house under the belief that he had gone to get the money.

According to Zambia Daily Mail, after noticing that he had taken too long to come out of the bedroom, his wife, Maria Ngoma, went in and found him gasping for breath as he dangled from the rope he tied to the ceiling.

He was said to have earlier taken an overdose of assorted drugs.

One of his wife’s relatives stated that the victim only managed to pay K5,500 out of the total amount his in-laws demanded as their daughter’s bride price.

Bridget Bowa, sister of the victim’s mother-in-law, said on the fateful day, she accompanied her sister to the deceased’s house because she wanted to go and demand the balance of her daughter’s bride price.

“While we were still talking, our son-in-law, who had been quiet all the while, went into his bedroom.

“We thought he went to get the money, but after about 15 minutes, his wife went into his room and found him hanging on the ceiling and gasping for

“There were lots of drugs and empty packs on the floor. We rushed him to the hospital, but unfortunately, he died,” she said.