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Success Digest: You Are Who You Think You Are By Abimbola Abatta



I don’t know when I began to experience a mind shift. All I know is that who I am today has evolved beyond who I was a few years ago. I suddenly realised that whoever I aspire to become is hinged on how I perceive myself. I suddenly caught the revelation—perhaps through books or valuable interaction with my connections—that the mind influences success or failure in life.

If you perceive yourself as a failure right from the beginning, unless you confront that mindset, you will always be a failure. In the same vein, if you consider yourself as a successful person, even in the sea of failure, you will see success.

This is not about motivation. It is about how powerful the mind is. I have seen its potency, and I keep unravelling new things about it every day. Your mind is linked to your actions and inactions. It greatly determines how you react to situations. If managed properly, your mind can make your desires a reality.

You should, however, note that this is not a call for laziness. I know and I am convinced that I will be great. I have brought my mind to a place where I see myself on the throne of greatness. At the same time, I am aware of the need to work towards it. I can’t just sit in a place, expecting greatness to fall on me.

Success won’t visit me in my sleep. I have to ACT. And whenever I am acting, I am conscious of my ability. I know that I have what it takes to be great. Even if I fail, I know that I can turn my failure into success. Even if it takes years, I still perceive myself as a successful woman. And every single day, I work on my desires. Even though my mind believes what I want, I must actively prepare towards achieving my desires.

You must come to a point where what you lack cannot stop you from acting. Even if you are not there yet, your mind must see and know that you will get there. If you perceive yourself as a loser (just because of a one-time loss), you will forever be a loser unless you change your mindset. If you see yourself as a common person, you will never achieve uncommon things until your mindset is changed.

The more you belittle your worth, the more worthless you become. I used to be very negative about life and myself. I would water down my abilities simply because I lacked self-belief. I would always discourage myself, telling my mind that I can’t do this or that. I was very insecure. I had low self-esteem, and these demons ate up my mind. But along the line, I experienced a mind-shift. I realised that my yesterday does not define my today. I understood that I am whatever I say I am. The negative thoughts I had about myself were replaced with positivity.

As I pursue my purpose, I am equipped with a strong belief that I am capable of achieving great things. I have failed a lot of times, but after each failure, I dust myself and go after success. Even if I fall a thousand times, I have risen a thousand and one times. Even if situations strive to dampen my belief system, I have the courage to rise above them.

Every blessed day, I speak sense into my head. I soak my mind in positivity. I am clothed with optimism. Even though things seem bleak at the moment, I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Even though the rain has ceased to fall, I know that heaven is preparing that special rain that will irrigate my land. I am success personified. I see the seed of greatness in me, and I water it every blessed day.

So, dear friends, how do you see yourself? Who exactly do you think you are? If your mind has not received a positive shift, work on it. Read books and listen to messages that will propel your mind towards positivity. In a time like this when the world is ravaged by Coronavirus, your mind must be strong enough to withstand the harsh reality attached to it. Regardless of your situation, you can rise to be who you want to be. As you wake up each day, affirm who you want to be because whoever you want to be—a writer, musician, teacher, coach, motivational speaker, nurse, poet, storyteller, leader, artist, etc.—is possible.

©Abimbola F. Abatta

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