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Do You Think About Life After Death? By Abimbola Abatta



Abimbola Abatta

The mystery of death has often set me on edge. It’s baffling and frightening. How can someone whom you’ve always seen just vanish? I know how it feels to lose someone to death. Is it the grief that slashes your soul? Is it the vacuum that gapes at you? You are left with nothing but the memories you had with the deceased. You see each other in your head alone. You can’t call the deceased on phone; you can’t pay them a visit because they are gone!

Just yesterday, a church member whom I saw on Sunday died. When I first heard about it, I thought it was an error. My mind couldn’t fathom how such a good man could die without warning. I did not want to believe it at first. It was too painful. Death, O Death! Where lies thy sting?

As much as we’d love to be alive forever, we will all die sooner or later. It is not negotiable. It’s inevitable. We can’t hide from the cudgel of death. And we don’t know when death will visit our abode. It could be the next minute. It could be the next hour. It could be tomorrow or years to come. No matter how long we live on Earth, every one of us will heed death’s call.

I just want to implore us to be mindful of how we live. If you die today, where will you be? If I die today, will I make it to paradise? What will people say about me? Good things? Bad things? Will my death be a relief to the world? Will my departure be a colossal loss to my generation?

In a way, those who have died are free. They’ve escaped the chaos and horror of the earth. They are free from incessant groans of hunger and poverty. Their ears are shut against the news of shame that roams about. They are free from the huge responsibilities and expectations heaped upon their shoulders.

However, their departure will forever be felt. Their loved ones will be thrown into the abyss of darkness. Tears like heavy rain will become their companion. Family and friends will begin to entertain thoughts of “what ifs”. The dead cannot fulfil their purpose. They can’t achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Tears cannot bring them back. Anger towards God or man cannot resurrect them. No amount of wishes and prayers can bring them back (except in rare cases). They are gone! Like vapour that escapes the opening of a kettle, they have vanished! Like air departs a pierced balloon, they are gone! A minute they are here; the next minute they are gone. A minute we are laughing; the next, we are in tears. Death, why ail us this much?

Dear readers let’s live up to the goodness of our hearts before we die. Live for the sake of humanity. Let love live in your heart and actions towards others. Expunge evil; steer clear of immorality. There is no forgiveness after death. There is no restoration after death. Once you are dead, you can’t make an amendment again.

Who have you wronged? Plead for forgiveness. Has anyone offended you? Forgive them truly. You can’t settle your differences in heaven. Don’t keep malice or hold grudges against your friends. Live with the heart of love. Are you on a mission of revenge? Don’t! Forgive and let go.

In this world of woe, it is not easy to be humane in our human attire. But we can choose to be humane. Embrace the virtues of love, peace, mercy, forgiveness, honesty, truthfulness, integrity, and others. Flee every appearance of vices. Once you are six feet underground, you can’t amend your ways.

When death comes knocking, what will people say about you? Even if they say good things about you, will God assert the same? Live, and let love live. Always remember that death does not notify its targets.

May the souls of the departed ones from the beginning of time rest in tranquillity.

©Abimbola F. Abatta

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