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(Success Digest) Your Mind Is A Seat Of Wealth By Abimbola Abatta



I don’t know if you knew this before now, but I have to remind you. Your mind is one of the most powerful assets you’d ever have.

Yesterday, I read someone’s post on affirmation. She revealed how she has been able to achieve her goals one after the other through words of affirmation. Whenever you affirm your desires, the mind has a way of making it real.

Nothing beats a positive mindset in life. Good things happen to positive-minded people. If you are addicted to negativity, you will find it difficult to attain the height of success. You see this positive mindset cannot be bought. You have to consciously develop it until it becomes a part of you.

Maintaining a positive attitude in this world of woes is nearly impossible. To be honest, isn’t it a little bit crazy to stay happy when you just lost everything? Just imagine, for a second, losing everything you’ve ever worked for… If it happens to me, I don’t even want to imagine what I’d do. Whenever life shows us its ugly side, our natural reaction is to lash out at that reality in anger. We’d unleash the venom of our hearts as our eyes emit bitter tears. Well, it’s only natural.

However, you can train your mind to embrace positivity at all times. It may be difficult, but it is possible. Start by feeding your mind with positive pictures, stories, music, conversations, and people. The mind is too loaded to be filled with junk. It is too priceless to be filled with trash. Feed your mind with success stories, and you will share yours sooner or later. Feed your mind with stories of people who started small but became great in the end, and you will be triggered to start wherever you are.

Are you aware that as poor as this economy is, some people are busy building their own formidable economies? As the divorce rate keeps multiplying, some people are busy enjoying their marriages. We complain that there is no job in Nigeria, yet some people are busy creating jobs for others.

Oh my! You can’t see beyond what you feed your mind. Your reality becomes what your mind sees, hears, hears, thinks, and feels. Your mind can’t dance beyond the fence you put up to guard it. If you think locally, it will take time for your mind to grasp the impact of global thinking.

Listen, you’ve got to start stretching your mind. If you haven’t been doing that, you had better start now. Start seeing beyond your present situation. Start thinking beyond the confines of your background. You can only be limited by YOU. Stop limiting yourself. Stop looking down on yourself. Stop belittling your worth. Who says you can’t be great? Break out from the yoke of mediocrity. You won’t grow beyond average if all you think about is average. Train your mind to stay positive.

Remember, your mind is a seat of wealth, and you become what your mind feeds on. Start affirming your expectations today, and your desired reality will embrace you.

Cheers to a positive mindset!

©Abimbola F. Abatta

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