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Collision Between The Truth And A Lie



Hon Rotimi Makinde

“The stick of truth may be overstretched but truth will eventually prevail.”

Rumors, smears, and unjust characterizations i guess, is the topmost characteristic of politics.

False stories die instanter only when the consumer gives benefit of doubt and some spread rapidly like wild fire but the truth always catches up no matter its speed and knowing the truth usually justifies the end to destroy the originator fastly.

When you are falsely accused, it could be hurting, disastrous and may be kill your morale if you are not strong or the type that have lied against others before and where your survival depends on conscience.

When you remain steadfast with your God, no lie triumphs or lasts for too long.

This had been the trademark and challenges in politics where castigation and pull him down syndrome appear to be the tool for some people to triumph. In most cases, the crime has always been the qualities that differentiate one person from the perpetrators – Somebody must be blamed or castigated or pulled down for somebody to become somebody. The woes and inability of somebody must be turned to a weapon to propel a victim to the next stage. Their negative destinies must attract total destruction and condemnation of their counterpart even when God was seen to be at his best.

We often forget that our creator favours whosoever pleases him. Behind a man of clear conscience was God, before him is the same God who is ever at peace, alive and responsible for all our doings in life. If you face tribulation today or the type that have been greatly affected and maliciously accused, best is to continue to look onto God.

Be sure that no sad tale, laced with hate, lasts forever.

The truth about it is that, a simple truth about them, shall destroy them beyond their imagination for he that sows lies, in the end, shall not lack of a harvest.

Hon Rotimi Makinde writes from Ile Ife.


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