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Segun Abraham: People’s Choice For Greater Ondo State



Born and raised in Ikare-Akoko, Northern Senatorial Zone of Ondo State, where he had his early formal education. A son of farmer turns philanthropist. One who understands the challenges of rural areas, and the kind of development needed to bring the people of the state out of hardship to prosperity. A well resourceful and business guru, born and trained by disciplined, humble, religious and accommodating parents. Chief Segun Abraham is admired and needed by Ondo State indigines to re-brand the state.

It would be a waste of time to begin to describe the person and personality of Dr Segun Abraham in the area of social and political development, business and leadership advancement, and humanity & selflessness to the people of Ondo State, being a passionate philanthropist who is regarded as the foremost champion in humanitarian to the less privileged not only in Ondo State but also other Nigerians.

Taking a critical look at his humanitarian and philanthropic assignment, it has reached the penurious and vulnerable in the society through his foundation (ABRAHAM FOUNDATION) for over twenty years now and still continue where brilliant but less privileged students and physically challenged people are taking care of. Haven done all this through his own hard earned resources, what would happen if he is entrusted with the political and economic power of the state? Indeed, Segun Abraham meant well for the people of Ondo State.

It must however be noted that the present administration in the state is going to be constitutionally terminated in less than a year now. Where another opportunity would open for Ondo citizens to decide on who should be crowned or chose to take the state to her promise land.

For the past 12 months now, INTEGRA LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION, an organization born with the objectives of building leaders and operates as an advocate for good governance, whose primary mission is to develop civil mended leaders and professionals that can put Nigerian people first and inspire others to do the same. We took our Research Train to Ondo State in a mission to study the political and economic terrain in relation to the yawning and aspiration of the people of the state. And to search for a leader who is loved by his/her people and capable to return the lost glory of The Sunshine State for advancement.

In our findings, it is obvious that Ondo citizens need a technocrat to the core who understands the nitty-gritty of economic, political and leadership development couple with ability to deliver good governance. That is, the state need an economy developer, a financial and technology expert who can properly harnessed the abundant resources endowed in the state to empower the dwellers. Ondo State needs a leader, a Governor who will bring all abandoned resources ”such as human & natural resources, agriculture, e.g Cocoa, Timber & Fishing to mention but a few” to live.

This is never a time to play party politics above the choice of the masses but rather to select, nominate and elect Segun Abraham who understands how to build an economic team for better development in a stage of Nigerian economy imbalance. It is also never a time for the Party Leadership to make mistakes, because for the past twenty one years now Dr Segun Abraham has been a faithful, committed and dedicated party man. Right from Alliance for Democracy (AD) to All Progressives Congress (APC) days, his loyalty to the party and the leaders is second to none. Therefore, we urge the party leadership to shun personal gains that can overrule the ultimate desire of the masses. This is time to accept reality and agree on people’s choice for greater Ondo.

In our twelve months thorough research in the state, prompted by the democratic approaches to strategically tour all the three senatorial zones which comprises of eighteen local government areas, the most and only preferred candidate for the next year gubernatorial election in Ondo State remains DR SEGUN ABRAHAM, as the indigenes sing to applaud him for being resourceful and capable than others. The chorus is to give him the mantle of leadership of the state during year 2020 governorship election, because he has been described as one who has the leadership, economic, political and social charisma and also competent enough to administer and lead The Sunshine State to sustainability and be economically independent among her sister states.

By: ‘Bode Oladitan
Director General, ILF.
+234815 150 2021

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