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Don’t Turn Chaste Girls To COZA Victims – Muslim Scholar



…Says UI Is A Zoo Of Rabid Intellectuals

By Adeyinka Aremu

A renowned Muslim scholar and social commentator, Abu Mazeedatilkhayr Bn Sa’eed has warned the authorities of the University of Ibadan and the International School, Ibadan not to turn chaste Muslim girls to victims of rape by derobing them of modest dressing.

The warning came on the heels of the recent viral video where the ISI authorities, ambushed Muslim girls outside the school premises, assaulted them and removed their hijab in the public glare.

In a release entitled: The Fire of My Abusive Pen, Bn Sa’eed described the behaviour of the UI authorities as animalistic, crude and unworthy of a civilised academic community.

The full version of the write up of the international affairs expert is reproduced below:

The Fire of My Abusive Pen…
Abu Mazeedatilkhayr Bn Sa’eed

The Nigerian premier University situated somewhere at Agbowo area of Ibadan is a zoo, indeed, ruled by dogs, pigs and lizards. The authority of that citadel is in the hands of some instinctive animals who lack the mental strength to think like humans.

A place called a University where the so called scholars behave like brutes. I have no regards for academic scholarship and certificates whose custodians are apes – A primate of the clade Hominoidea.

For God’s sake, what kind of hatred do you harbour against the innocent girls from a religion that preaches modesty. The University of Ibadan is indeed a huge disgrace to the Federal government that sponsors its thoughts. ..

I suggest that the Muslim Students should rather deal with the management of that international School as a dog owner would do to his stubborn pet. Animals, however beautiful and instinctive, can’t comprehend the language of law and logic.

So, why taking those PhD mammals in the Senate building to a court of law in the first place when the only language they hear is that of a whip? What is the value of the PhD thesis you defended before a panel of experts, but which you could not defend in the class of manners.

Stupid professors. Conservative idiots. Primitive minds concealed in academic robes. The foamy dark brains. Hearts full of dirts. Your own poet, William Shakespeare had spoken the truth: “Through tattered clothes small voices appear/Robes and furred gowns hide it all..”

Modesty of the girls your grand children age, you shamelessly battle with the alacrity of a hungry lion ready to devour a stray kid from a farmer’s flock! What is the crime of modesty? Does the head-veil conceal the brain? Purity scares the impious!

A zeal and enthusiasm to perish the truth. But this enthusiasm you never used in the seventy years of the animal Kingdom called a University to resolve our problems as a nation. Your plan is probably to turn our chaste girls to victims of COZA…God forbid. Ours is a religion of sanity!

Therefore, with this fire of my abusive pen, I invoke the wrath of Allah on all the rabies dogs barking unnecessarily at the International school ibadan against Hijaab, if they fail to repent. I also urge you all, brothers and sisters, to be stern and severe against these literate dogs!

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