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Confusion In Ebonyi Labour Party Over Governorship Ticket



There is confusion in Ebonyi State chapter of Labour Party ahead of the governorship election.

Supreme court had last two weeks sacked Chief Edward Nkwegu as the governorship candidate of the party and declared the state Chairman, Splendor Oko Eze the authentic candidate.

But since the declaration of Eze by the supreme court as the candidate of the party in the state, a former Minister of State for Health, Chief Fidelis Nwankwo has been campaigning as the candidate of the party and has even inaugurated campaign council.

Nwankwo has been making posts on his Facebook page in every activity he makes on the governorship race.

Few hours ago, he made a new posts thus”today, the Local Government Coordinators of the Transformation Campaign Council had a brainstorming briefing about how to rewrite the story of Ebonyi People.

“The youths especially those who graduated without any job; the traders whose businesses have been crippled by bad economic policies; the civil servants who have continuously been treated like slaves; the retirees whose entitlements have been denied etc. should as a matter of urgency take part in disseminating the good news I have come with which has always been, “The Power I Seek Is The Power To Do Good In Ebonyi State.”

Earlier in another post, he said “yes, I am a proud Izhi man; but I am not contesting to be the Governor of Izhi or any kindred alone. I am contesting to be the Governor of Ndi Ebonyi under the platform of Labour Party. It’s understandable that Izhi people should produce a Governor; but no one should take it as a right, thereby compelling other qualified candidates in other political parties to step down for a candidate in another party. It shouldn’t be so.
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“The basis of electing a Governor should not only be where he or she hails from; we should talk about capacity, character, integrity and other qualities of the candidates in all the political parties. I am presenting myself as a tool to be used to turn the situation of Ndi Ebonyi for good under the platform of Labour Party, ebe Esere Mmadu Ato”

It was said that the former Minister and Splendor Oko Eze are in alliance over the governorship ticket of the party.

Sources close to Nwankwo, alleged that Eze has withdrew from the race for the former Minister which accounted why Nwankwo has intensified campaign for the governorship election.

Eze and Chief Edward Nkwegu has remind silent since after the supreme court but some of Eze’s governorship posters are seen in some parts of the state.

Nwankwo and the candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Francis Nwifuru are from the same local government, Izzi.

There has been radio announcement on the state broadcast station, EBBC against Nwankwo by some persons in his Izzi clan that he is not contesting any governorship election. ENDS

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