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Opinion: Embattled Ambassador Arapaja Organised His Own Adoption As ‘Southwest Consensus’ By Com Akinwumi Ojo



Ambassador Arapaja

Faced with a damming petition against him for over his refusal to resign, the embattled Ambassador Arapaja on Tuesday resorted to desperate tactics, blackmailing his abandoned Zonal Executive to organize his adoption in the name of Southwest-‘ Executive.

The development which did not go down well with the estranged members of the Southwest Zonal Executive met with instant rejection as none of the Zonal Executive members signed the resolution except the Secretary.

Members from the Southwest outside Arapajas Oyo State openly castigated the Secretary whom they accused of collecting an undisclosed amount of money for the hatchet job.

Members from Osun State were more vociferous in their condemnation.
‘How can we append our signatures to such selfish and devious plot when our own Leader Prince Oyinlola is the popular choice of the Party Leadership and majority of the rank and file accross the Southwest.?’

Another Member of the Zonal Executive from Ekiti State dared the Zonal Secretary to publish the alleged ‘adoption resolution’ to the public showing the signature of those who signed it. There was no such resolution.

Invariably the purported adoption of Arapaja has boomeranged as many BOT leaders from the Southwest has dissociated themselves from it.

As the Party awaits the outcome of the petition against him,for his failure to resign Ambassador Arapaja is as at last night already backtracking over his Ambition to supplant the popular microzoning accord between Osun State the rightful owner of the slot and his Oyo State which already has the Southwest Vice Chairmanship.

‘Both positions are National Working Committee positions and they will need to work together, so this conflict is unnecessary’ ,Said an outspoken House of Representatives member from Osun State.
Meanwhile there are insinuations that the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde is behind the plot to foist a weaker and less experienced Deputy National Chairman on the South, in order to soften the ground for the Bourdillon Presidential hopeful.

E signed

Com Akinwumi Ojo

Southwest G30 group.

Disclaimer: This piece represents the opinion of the Writer, not this medium , CityMirrorNews


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