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MasterClass Initiative Online MasterClass Session On Challenges Of Small Enterprises By Ayomide Condotti



Entrepreneurship is the word of the 21st century. From the advent of Internet to today’s start-ups, the OECD countries are on a run for the future biggest companies that could lead the world.

Entrepreneurship boomed in the 1970s with famous people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Elon Musk in another illustration of American self-made man. They have launched completely new industries, which most of today’s young people want to reach with the start-up industry.
Digital businesses that are linked to Bitcoin and other unicorns which raises billions, show the new face of entrepreneurship.

For example, Robinhood, which is now valued at $20 billion, had offered new services and made headlines for its role in the GameStop IPO.

However, the COVID-19 could be a game changer.

Today, small companies are spreading in developed and developing countries, because of the way young are working.
The FT1000 shows European companies that are the rise, mainly in digital innovation.

Most part of French small enterprise are made of hand-work industries. Services are on the rise, due to recent technological development.
It appears that self-employed were growing in France in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The make of a company in developed countries depends on the social position of each entrepreneur and the money available to finance themselves. Found that an entrepreneur needs on average 20,000€ to launch his business.

When I created my own company in France, I was not put aside. I had been linked to bigger networks and people to help my business strive.

Like EFFICITY which offers real estate services online is one of the top employers in France for its life quality.

In the long term, business tends to stay small due to competitors like multinational corporations which gather most parts of the market. That is why global expansion will become more difficult after the COVD-19 era.

Small enterprise will face challenges, alongside their increasing popularity.

Ayomide Condotti an African Psephologist alongside Christos Kochilas , a financial consultant will be live at The MasterClass Initiative Instagram page on May 22 by 4pm UK Time to discuss the challenges of small Enterprises

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