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Osun APC Crisis: Let’s Embrace Peace By Rotimi Makinde



Our fore fathers can not be wrong when they say Agba kii tan lorile” Elders never ceased to exist in life.

Where each of us stand on the lingering crisis on Osun State Apc is no longer hidden….The qualified mediators are getting depleted daily.It called for concerns. History is such a sacrosanct and such a funny subject and very scintillating about life itself.

The basic truth is that we all can not help ourselves in how we want it recorded on each of our roles in life. I am for peace and this peace advocacy I shall continue to canvass.

I am a better friend and close lieutenant to almost all that this matter concerns and also very close to each of the main aggrieved personalities and so I care not on how each if the mind perceived my person….

I am stating this without going into the politics of Osun state or try to dangle into any discussion about any of our leaders.The cross i am carrying is for peace to reign and this I shall not derail.

I am seriously learning on this ugly development and fastly equipping my knowledge with this crisis and I must confess I honestly wonder how we got to this level and what led us to this stage where we no longer care fighting eachother with our eyes closed. An adage says, if you have an outing don’t destroy the home, for if the outing is not good , you still have to return home.Such sayings simply teach us to remember who we are.But are we?.The answer is no!

Let me with due respect plagiarised a fine writer that I have respect for his professionalism..He summarised my mind as follow .”We Yoruba don’t forget what makes us Yoruba, no what we become.”.I want to believe one day shall be one day when those who as at today today drawing dagger at each others and getting carried away shall soon find themselves walking alone.

I am loosing respect for many and gaining honour for those who seek peace and blunt about the scenario and deep in my heart I see those fanning embers as complete nuisance. There’s something said about the tight lips notoriously kept by English men.The man who keeps his lips tight out of loyalty to a person who has ever assisted him earns big marks from me….

Till today, I still take solace in the fact that we Yoruba have our way of settling dispute once we are lucky to meet those we have respect for….
To foreclosed reconciliation is to say siblings are ready to fight till death do them apart…
I am for peace what about you?


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