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Hon Femi Popoola,a good Leader And worthy representative of his people



Hon Femi Popoola is the current Deputy Speaker of Osun State House of Assembly and a Legislator repressing Boluwaduro/Boripe State Constituency.
Barrister Popoola has made his representation at Osun Assembly imapactful on the his people to complement the good work of Governor of Osun State,Alhaji Adegboyega Oyetola …some of his achievements are as follow:

1. Sinking of standard modern bore holes for the provision of Sustainable Water: This was done to satisfy the yearnings of the community for affordable and sustainable regular water supply that is not seasonal. The borehole was sunk by consortium of competent professional Engineers with 30 YEARS GUARANTEE and it hasn’t ceased supplying water adequately to the OGO OLUWA AXIS OF OTAN AYEGBAJU.

2. Provision of Scholarship for over 20 Technical College Students : To guarantee a certified and thoroughly trained vocational experts, technicians and artisans, He established a scholarship scheme that covers tuition fees, accommodation, uniforms and text books for willing individuals across the constituency at Government TECHNICAL College, Otan Ayegbaju. This was done to ensure self reliance and adequate entrepreneurship after the training and skills acquisition programme. With this, the teeming populations of idle youths who are constituting menace and nuisance to the community will be drastically reduced.

3. Provision of Palliative Measure Substances to cushion the harsh economic effects occassioned by COVID-19 PANDEMICS. The entire 23 wards of the constituency can never forget in a hurry the assorted food substances and financial assistance he provided in the wake of nationwide Lockdown occassioned by global COVID-19 pandemic regime. He spent millions of naira for this particular gesture and was adequately covered by the state broadcasting corporation.

4. Distribution of Stationeries and Essential Texts for the Student of Anglican Grammar School, Otan Ayegbaju: This was done to encourage and improve the reading culture of Students and to make some expensive texts to be available to them which were hitherto unaffordable by their parents.

5. Youth Empowerment: This is a unique political design he formulated with the aim of ensuring political inclusiveness and financial empowerment for small scale businesses of some vibrant youths within the progressive political family of our state constituency. The programme is similar to the current Federal Government Public Works initiative of payment of N20,000 monthly stipend to 1,000 unskilled and semi skilled workers for business empowerment for 3 months in each of the 774 local govts across the federation. His own initiative predates that of Federal government in that, over 30 youths are being given a monthly stipend of N30,000 and it will last for 2 years. This programme will be a kind of endowment fund for establishing a small scale business outfit for them at the end of the 2 years after which another set of 30 vibrant youths that are equally qualified for the fund will replace them.

6. Religious Support programme: Adequate financial assistance is always provided for the adherents of the two major religious belief to sponsor their programmes during the Ramadan and Lenten periods.

7. Special Women Recognition: he puts a special mechanism in place for timely and adequate proper recognition and acknowledgement of the crucial roles of women in the overall success of our grassroots politics. For this reason, he invokes a special forum to distribute gifts items like stationeries for their children and cash gifts on half yearly basis. This is to ensure continuing support and sustainance of their unalloyed loyalty. Indeed, it has been a laudable gesture.

8.Sponsoring of bills: As we all know this is his primary task of representing his constituents in the House of Assembly. To this end, he has sponsored 2 crucial Bills that have passed the first reading in the floor of the house. The first one bothers on OUTDOOR COURTS. It’s a common knowledge that our courts are too congested with several cases, both relevant and non relevant for our justice system. You can imagine where only one judge is handling over 40 cases at a time!!! How do they ensure speedy, timely, and incorruptible dispensation of justice with this??? The second bothers on ensuring the sustenance of sound health system as it concerns the flattening the curve, minimisation to the barest level possible and ensuring the non existence of COVID-19 PANDEMICS in Osun State as far as its possible. As it is, when it’s finally passed into a bill, it will automatically become an offence for whosoever that refuses to adhere strictly to the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines like wearing facemask in the public and observing social distancing Protocol so as so curb the spread of the virus.

9.Hon Popoola employed 39 personal aides which cuts across all the wards in the two local governments i.e Boluwaduro and Boripe and put them on monthly pay as a way of touching his people lives .
Ok you can put my name there.

By Fagbohungbe Olufunsho David

The media consultant to the Deputy Speaker,Osun House of Assembly.

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