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Prof. Emmanuel J.D Garba is the Best Candidate for Plateau South Senatorial



By Jude Dangwam

Prof. Emmanuel J.D Garba, one of the pioneer founders of APC on the Plateau joined the race for the Plateau South Senatorial rerun election.

The evolution of APC on the Plateau started with the coming together of the legacy party comprising of ACN, ANPP, CPC, some elements of Labour Party and DPP. Prof. Emmanuel J.D Garba is Plateau State’s first professor of Mathematics, a FELLOW of Nigeria Mathematics Society and FELLOW Institute of Industrial Administrators. He was a member of the ACN before the merger where he began to mobilize for the coming of today’s APC on the Plateau.

When the merger processes began on the 18th of July, 2012 in consultation with some people at the national like the Late Garba Gaddi the former deputy Governor of Bauchi State, Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa, former governor of Sokoto State, Admiral Lanre Amusu , Chief Solomon Iyobosa Edebiri while in Plateau State, Air Commodore Bamfa, Chief Geoffrey Yileng, former Chairman of ANPP in the state together with people like Muda Shehu of the CPC, Amos Gizo, J.D Haruna of the ACN and others the party began. 

The party elder stateman started with a grassroot mobilization formula under the auspices of Asiwaju Grassroot Foundation. They were recruiting people as party members across the various parties platforms into the group in preparation for the coming of APC, so when the APC came, he was already fully involved in it’s formation.

He was the pioneer Governorship aspirant , the first to present himself for the Governorship of Plateau State on the platform of the new party APC. And he was on ground practically financing the activities of the party as it grew into acceptance on the Plateau because the APC was a rejected stone initially on the Plateau. He was totally involve in all activities right to acceptance of political group like the Movement for Better plateau, the umbrella group that brought in the Current Governor Hon, Doctor Simon Bako Lalong and the State party Chairman Hon Letep Dabang. Prof. is a strong personality that all the who is who in APC knows him because he is part of the founding fathers of the party APC in Plateau State. When the party was talking of submitting passports for registration, the party stalwart contributed heavily in terms of finance for the production of passports and the registration of members of the party and he has never for once relented. 

While as party elder in the then ACN before the merger finally come to fusion, the merger parties form a group then called G45. This comprises of 15 members from each of the merger political parties (i.e, ACN, ANPP and CPC) who further enlarged into the now APC, many of the other groups came in through these three pillars.

In Plateau State, the two people that were majorly involved in the merger processes at the National were Chief Geoffrey Yileng and Air Commodore Bangfa as part of the merger committee that negotiated with the likes of Prof. Emmanuel Garba to draw up the APC base that Plateau have today. 

During the local Government Chairmanship election conducted in 2014 during the administration of Da Jonah David Jang, the election had 14 APC (New party) chairmanship candidates. Two local government at that time could not produced a Chairmanship candidate’s, an array of councillorship candidates,  he finance some of the Chairmanship candidates fully, while some he make sue he contributed his part to their campaign financially.

He was involved in sowing of uniforms for Chairmen and Secretaries of the various wards and local government for the convention and contributed to the convention itself. Prof, has always been a party man who invested his all to the growth of progressive from it’s scratch doing everything that is needed to be done to strengthen the party till date.

He contested for the Governorship of Plateau State, out of the five aspirants that APC had in the first party’s primaries for the office of the Governor. Out of the five aspirants, Prof. Emmanuel Garba came second with Governor Simon Lalong coming first, former Minister of Youths and Sport Development Barr. Solomon Dalung emerged third, the fourth was Dr. Elijah Maina while the fifth was the late Hon. Vemar k Dangin. But when it comes to the dividends or patoronage for the hard labour he has never benefited by holding any political appointments as a patronage that ordinarily will come with such kind of investment he had made, but that does not deterred him, he continue to make personal contributions to further better the party and the society at large.

A man with about 30 page résumé (CV) has made so much contributions both national and internationally, a man full of exposure, a professor of Mathematics who has graduated  18 professors, not to talk of  PhDs holders and M.Sc too numerous to mention. A man full of wisdom, well prepared for the task ahead of him remain the best candidate the APC can have in the race for the soul of Southern Plateau.

Prof. Emmanuel Garba served as member of the Special Committee on the proposed Plateau State University of Science and Technology 2000-2003 which is now Plateau State University, Bokkos. He was Member of the Presidential Technical Committee on the export of yam in 2016. 

Prof. is currently a member of the European Institute of physics (IOP) Italy, Member of the Science Association of Nigeria (SAN), and member of the Solar Energy Society of Nigeria, also a Member of the Mathematical Association of Nigeria (MAN), as well as a Fellow of the Nigeria Mathematical Society (NMS) and Member of the Science Teacher’s Association of Nigeria (STAN) amongst other.

He served as member of the University Governing Council A.T.B.U Bauchi from 1993-1997. Governing Council, Plateau State Polytechnic Barkin Ladi from 2004-2006. He became Chairman, Council Planning Committee, Member Council Committee on Tender Board 1993-1997, Council Committee on Appointment and Promotion of Principal Officers between 1996-1997. He is a member of the Specialized Committee of Assessors In Science of the Nigerian National Merit Award (NNMA) 2009-2015.

Some of the Leadership Position held by Prof. Emmanuel Garba as an academician is that he served as Dean: School of Science and Science Education, A.T.B.U. Bauchi 1997-2001, Head of Department:  Mathematical Science Programme,  A.T.B.U. Bauchi 1993-1995, Chairman:  Management Information System (MIS) A.T.B.U. Bauchi 1995-1997, Deputy Dean:  School of Science and Science Education A.T.B.U. Bauchi 1989-1997.

Prof. Garba became the Deputy Chairman:  World Bank Loan Implementation Committee 1990-1993 and later became Chairman:  Council Committee on the Drafting of conditions of service and other related matters A.T.B.U. Bauchi 1996, he also served as Chairman: Council Committee on the drafting of University Management Handbook A.T.B.U. Bauchi, 1996-1997.

Apart from that, he became Chairman: Ethical Committee A.T.B.U. Bauchi 1997-2006, Chairman: School Board A.T.B.U. Bauchi 1997-2001, Chairman:  School of Postgraduate Committee A.T.B.U. Bauchi 1997-2001. Chairman:  School Promotion Committee A.T.B.U. Bauchi.1997-2001, Chairman:  School of Science and Science Education Committee on Review of Higher Education.

He was also Chairman: Staff Furniture Evaluation and Disposal Committee A.T.B.U. Bauchi. Chairman: University Time-Table Committee A.T.B.U Bauchi 2001-2006. Chairman: Committee on the proposed utilization plan of the 1998 Special Refurbishing grant to Universities A.T.B.U. Bauchi 1997-2001. Chairman: Strategic Planning Committee A.T.B.U. Bauchi. 2002-2006. Head:  Remedial Science Department University of Jos. 2008-2015.

The renowned professor of Mathematics have 77 publications in local and international journal on different aspects of human endeavors, a man with rich CV and wealth of experience. Nothing intimidate Prof. Garba, an academician who have over the years came across different personalities, both young and old, he successfully managed and is still doing same in building a responsive human resources.

Prof. Emmanuel J.D Garba, even in the face of seeming neglect has remain resolute and focus as a rooted party stalwart, after wider consultations he is set and out joining the race for the Senatorial seat of the Southern zone of Plateau State in the forthcoming rerun under the APC he so cherish and work for

He has paid his dues and now contesting for the Senatorial seat of Plateau South Senatorial District in the forthcoming bye elections to bring to bear his wealth of experience in the political space. Governance it is said is about the people, Garba with his wealth of experience will bring the necessary contributions required for the growth of the nation in the Red Chamber.

There are hundred reasons why Prof. Emmanuel Garba should be the soul candidate of the APC for the Plateau South Senatorial race which will make the contest a smooth ride for the party. He has the knowledge of not only the zone but the entire state because he first contested for the Governor of the state and has toured all the 17 local government areas of Plateau State, a relationship he has established and has been in touch with them till date.

Delegates remain key in the party’s primaries and are expected to play the game with utmost sense of reasoning by taking lessons from the elephant promises made to delegates in the past who are still in lamentation for not been settled by some aspirants not until now as another primaries is around the corner.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is that of the writer and it does not in anyway reflect the opinions of the Publishers of the CityMirrorNews.

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