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Mrs Kafayat Oyetola: The Prayers Meets You By Dayo Fasola



I read this beautiful appreciation note by Hajia Folake Fauziat Olaniyan OLANIYAN Convener Oye4Osun Movement acknowledging the contributions , efforts and support of Her Excellency Mrs Kafayat Oyetola Osun State First Lady and I cant but pen down this short note.

Her Excellency is all the philantropism descibed in the write up and much much, much more. Let it be on record that this noble act of hers predates His Excellency’s declaration for Governorship.

I remember pleading with her Excellency as the Media Officer to the Ileri Oluwa Campaign Organisation, way before the elections to let us compile and broadcast these things she does , the medical interventions, rehabilitation of physically challenged, empowerments, etc some as far back as a decade ago. She declined.

She said she believes that whatever she contributes to humanity is between herself and God Almighty. I understand this; even though I didn’t quite agree. Because I beleive that in showcasing, we would be setting examples, encouraging others and attracting buy ins/assistance from bigger concerns on a larger scale.

Mommy only continued. In giving. Of items, her time and resources. Never stopping. Despite sometimes encountering ungracious people who takes advantage of her kindness, She never let this deter her. A special being that.

In recent times however, like the biblical verse which says a city on a hill cannot be hidden and Men do not light candles and put under the bushel, these great deeds filtered out…and people, notable people noticed and begun buying into the merchandise of care as exemplified by our First Lady Mrs Kafayat Oyetola. Most recently is the truckloads of care items, foodstuffs and empowerment packages all the way from Aso Rock Villa Abuja; from our dear wife of the president Her Excellency, Hajia Aisha Buhari to our Mommy, to distribute to the people of Osun as is needed. May God bless these great mothers .

I remember some months ago, on that particular day, my mobile phone was off for sometime and Her Excellency sent a search party for me to come and pick palliatives… I was seriously legit surprised.

Even though I knew of Mommy’s tradition of giving out stuffs to us from our days of the struggle, I took it for granted that it ends once we became Government appointees.
I never thought officials like me would be considered in her scheme of things again.

Not my Mommy. She does Life. She signed you on for the lifetime and that’s it. No transfers. No benching. Lol.
Mommy’s care is continual and is for everyone at all levels equally.

So she sent for me and followed through asking *’Se e ti bami ri Dayo’ ? Awon yoku nko ??*
*(Have you been able to get Dayo for me? How about the others?? )*.

As She did me, she did for other cabinet members I later found out. State Executives members o.

Who would have thought Mommy remains mindful of her Soldiers as she is her people of the Grassroots ???

Hmm… I got nothing but prayers for this Amazon. A Chronic hardworker, with penchant for different ventures ; she said she works so hard so that she will always have to give (One of which I still find fascinating is of her owning a printing press🤩😻) . Mommy !

Listen Ma, You shall not want for any good thing. Peace shall locate you. Joy shall reign supreme over you, your lot and your Home. Ojo Aanu, Ojo ibukun a maa ro saye yin. Abiyamo tooto, Iya Alubarika. Ayanfe Olodumare, Ona yin to la, ko ni di. E ni tawo na, e ni taraka , owo yin o ni kan sale apo laelae. Ibukun Orun, Igbega Orun, Aleekun ore ati Abo to daju, a wa lori yin tomotomo. Amin.

People oft say to great people to just be saying ‘Amen’ wherever they are. That is you Mommy. Just be saying Amen.

Because the prayer meets you.


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