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Adunni Olateju: Celebrating A Philanthropist Par Excellence By Abeegunde Adelowo



It was January 25, that I visited a friend in Oro, Kwara state. Been a long time friend, we discussed so many things, including life, business, governance, future and finally, politics, especially, as it concerns the youth and their future in Nigeria political space. While I argued that the old politicians will not allow the youth to take the center stage, my friend believes that we must work to take it, that nobody will leave the stage for you.

In that line of thought, he brought up the monumental achievements of Olateju Adunni; a man I have had the opportunity to work with in the last one year, unknowingly to me. I was left agape when he started rolling out the achievements of Olateju across the length and breadth of Ignominaland through his foundation – the Ishola Foundation – named in honor of his late father.

The Ishola Foundation was established to cater for young boys and girls who are interested in learning one trade or the other. In the last three years, the Foundation has trained and equipped thousands of youths in Igbominaland.

Ishola Olateju who is the National Coordinator of the Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation, a political group that is promoting the legacy and political ideology of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has also extended his philanthropic gesture to the traditional institutions in the state. He gave a new look to the palace of Igbo-Owu in Kwara South Senatorial District through a complete renovation of the ancient and historical structures.

His philanthropic gesture has no boundary limit. The good people of the Omoluabi state of Osun have also been assisted in different ways. Hundreds if not thousands of people in the state of Osun have benefited not only in terms of monetary benefits but helping them to achieve their dreams in life.

Honoring the memory of his mother, Olateju has been sponsoring pilgrims to the holy land in the last five years nonstop.

Comrade Teju had developed a passion for education since childhood, hence, his sponsorship of indigent students at all levels including primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

These and many more have been achieved by this young, intelligent and ever-loving comrade of the masses.

Olateju is a personal staff of the current Minister of Interior.

He was born about four decades ago and celebrates his birthday every 5th March. For me and all lover of good things, the best we can do for him on this day is to celebrate this young achiever and wish him more fruitful years in the land of the living.

Happy birthday, the people’s comrade!

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