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AbdulSalam Liberty To Gov Oyetola: Review Policies That Cry For Review Not The One That Are Novel



May I congratulate the Oyetola’s administration for the quick adoption of the report of quickly formed Committee on Education Reform, its aptness shows it is premeditated even before the said report, am only opining, I may be right or wrong…

I am not one of those who will not be able to say the frank truth about the previous and present administrations in Osun State. I have not eaten dodo that may disenable me from saying the truth.

…Oyetola administration needs to go and strengthen it self intellectually as government unless it will be rated the worst administration in democratic government in Osun State.

Talking directly…If your administration is not blind, you locate the area where the past government is not at its best and not the area where the policy is a product of critical thinking and research and enquiry.

If you don’t know… the policy of the past administration in the following area are obviously not bright…

Agriculture, tourism, youth empowerment,skill acquisition, environmental and judicial system…

Don’t tell me you are coming to that, you are a government that has inactive hands as head of most, I say most of the Ministries, not all.

For your information, one area that the past government has excel is education, that does not mean it cannot be advanced by the current administration but not sallow thinking can advance a policy sourced from critical thinking.

… If Oyetola is ready to discharge good governance, having stayed in Lagos for years, is it not behoves on him to drive our environmental policy to a standard that match that of Lagos and other advanced world he has visited.

Here is a state where cars, Korope, Okada and buses pack any how and anywhere. The traders exhibit their products even on the high way of Igbonna, Owode- Ede, Ikirun, Gbongan and other towns. Any one coming to the state will begin to score you zero for negligent in the environmental sector.

Very importantly, any government in Osun that fails to explore the potential in the Agricultural sector is far behind. Agriculture alone, can assist the state in the area of unemployment.

What pains me is that Oyetola’s administration ignore ote and begins to kill lapalapa…

And the pro- administration needs to know that if I am attacked for this opinion, I will easily commence a critical and radical antagonism against the current administration. If that is not a big deal, you are free to attack me.

Our judicial system, our courts, our Judges and Magistrates were not well catered for during the past administration. The structures and facilities in our courts are like that of poultry. Osun is where the highest filing fees is paid in Nigeria and the judiciary was turned to the CBN of Osun State.

My call, If you want to advance the state, review policies that cry for review not the one that are novel.

I am the author…
Chief (Otunba) Abdulfatai Abdulsalam Liberty

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