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Osun’s Promptness In Payment Of Salary Lifts Burden Off Our Reps



By Rotimi Makinde

Indeed its the moral obligation and the resposibility of any employer of labour to ensure wages or salaries of those they engage are paid.

Financially, any healthy organisation or state would likely ensure regular payment of salary and wages. In this context, prompt payment is an act of discipline which requires plenty of determination and sacrifices in a situation where the directing mind is working within limited resources…..

I do not need to emphasize the fact that Osun State is not working in an isolated financial economy. States that are richer and bouyant than Osun State which includes the federal government are today groaning and finding it hard to survive as the economy generally is not in good condition at all. What I think deserves mentioning is the ability of the major players to manage the resources.

This is where I honestly give kudos to Dr Adegboyega Oyetola,the governor of Osun State. As an accountant, I am conversant with the fact that resources management requires some fundamental steps to help us towards the admnistration of our available money and in the right way. Top of this is self discipline and these also includes though not limited to budget making, understanding expenses, being conversant about income, both internal and external generated income, consolidation of debt,
slash or total removal of unnecessary expenses….

The beauty of all these is the fact that if otherwise a failure to pay salary in a state such as Osun State that mostly depends on salary or fund from federation account on the part of a man like Alh Gboyega Oyetola , that would have spelled doom for the general populace and by extension, the privileged representatives in government which includes the Senators ,Reps,assembly members, council chairs and counsellors. The heat would have been more on those representatives from opposition camp whose teeming followers live on like leeches . Today, we are happy to witness series of direct, indirect, regular and irregular empowerment with each of our representatives trying to outsmart each other in the game of service .

The reverse would have been the case in Osun State for demands and associated hunger would have taken its heavy toll on the people and the few NGOs available , Churches, Mosques and above all the few oppositions in power would have no choice but to channel their meagre resources which is not known to many to food and welfarism instead of all these largeese which many are today celebrating….

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